The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson is considering, according to press reports, the publication of a complete coronary embargo on England. Johnson has been disappointed to find that his tactics with regional precision locks have not worked as desired.

The Times According to the magazine, the prime minister will publish the new rules on Monday, and they say only vital shops, schools and universities should be open from Wednesday next week until early December.

Johnson’s coronary powers only cover England, as control of the epidemic in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is in the hands of their own governing bodies.

Johnson is still negotiating with his closest advisers, but the situation in the country is actually worse than what the worst forecasts described even this summer. According to a July disaster estimate, winter could know the deaths of up to 85,000 Britons from COVID-19. Now, the number of infections and hospitalizations predicts the reading will be lower.

Britain will cross the one million infection mark on Saturday. The coronavirus has so far claimed the lives of more than 46,000 citizens.

The northern English cities of Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds are likely to be subject to tougher restrictive measures as early as Monday.

– The government’s delay has paid off in terms of both human lives and the number of jobs. We must act now to protect both, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan tweeted.

Johnson has been reluctant to agree to restrictive measures because the British economy is already burdened by the imminent EU gap. Now, however, the revenge is retaliating and urban centers need to be closed for a longer period of time.

Greece brackets

Earlier this week, both France and Germany declared their own nationwide interest rate embargoes. On Saturday, Greece also announced that it would minimize all economic activity from the third day of November for a month.

In Greece, the number of corona cases has been steadily rising, and now the government wants to put a patch on the hatch of restaurants, bars, cafes, cinemas, museums and gyms.

– The purpose of the new rules is to prevent the spread of the virus, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis confirmed.