Wallu Valpio – my way in the biography (Tammi) media person Wallu Valpio tells about a relationship with her daughter’s mother Niina to Backman (then Herala).

The couple first met at some celebrity party, where Wallu noticed Niina arguing with her foreign male friend. The situation escalated to the fact that Wallu eventually struck a foreign male model. She found herself drawn to Niina, who was making a career as a model at the time.

– Right from the first meeting with this young woman was different. I couldn’t help but fall in love with her height and long legs. And I didn’t even experience a contradiction in terms of a woman’s age, even though I liked more of the older milf / mature women. I was simply sold, he describes in the book.

Wallu says he besieged Niina, who did not warm up to the shock attempts. After weeks of trying, coffee was made, and after that, my favorite was already on the run.

After the dating began, the celebrity couple had a hard time finding time together during the day, and they saw in the evenings. Soon they lived together and lived freely: they ate pizza directly from the boxes, and the counters were not washed because no dishes were used. In 2002, they got engaged. The two cooled together at celebrity VIP events evening after night.

– We were a beauty and a monster, but she was by my side. I didn’t pull a pea in my nose even when a woman trained me to walk on the catwalk and wanted to wear a gentlemanly look, Wallu describes the relationship.

According to Wallu, however, the relationship did not really get to know another person properly.

– When we got to work from work and cat christenings at night, we fell asleep. In the morning we went to the shower and went back to the limelight through the work.

– We took a taxi, we were known in the restaurants in the heart of Helsinki and in the Red Year, where we had fun 24/7.

Wallu believed the coming of the child would calm the restless everyday life filled with bitters and quarrels. However, infant time took the couple apart. Wallu says he hinted at the producer Saku Tuominen Niina’s name when she was looking for a presenter for the Drug Program.

– Now that you think about this in retrospect, it is of course annoying to find out that my fiancé and her male colleague immediately developed a job romance in Huuma. It wasn’t nice at the Kaisaniemi rock concert to look at photos from the magazine in which my child’s mother was “on a business trip” in the Golden Sands in Bulgaria with her new “friend”. For this intoxicating romance still a job to the extent that I have long since struck on the hand of this child’s mother with the current spouse.

– So I myself had to be abandoned and scream on the beach, and foxed the ground like that.

The upbringing of the child was agreed and the pattern was made to work well, according to Wallu. The distance is now good for the daughter’s mother Niina Backman and her new spouse Lorenz Backmaniin. Wallu’s daughter will soon turn 18 years old.

Niina Backman did not want to comment on the content of the book to Iltalehti.

The oak-published biography of Wallu Valpio – my way is published on October 1. The work was written by Mika Lätti.