End of cycle and new stage for Ricardo Arjona: he released the latest Blanco video and announced duets with Joss Stone and Gaby Moreno

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Premiere Die to live, and anticipated that after his collaboration with Pablo Alborán others will come with the British soulera and his compatriot.

Ricardo Arjona was, without a doubt, one of the most active musicians in recent times, amid the pandemic that forced an unprecedented retreat for artists. However, despite the context, the Guatemalan singer faced one of the most important projects of his career with the release of his album White.

In what he announced as the first part of an even more ambitious project, the record work was accompanied by fourteen video clips distributed one each week, throughout the last months, and fourteen author sessions released right after each release.

Today, months after the appearance of the first song on the album, the project already has more than 120 million views on YouTube. The video of the song Mushrooms it exceeds 50 million views, and in an unprecedented way the author sessions add up an unusual number of views.

But also, Arjona recorded a version of The love that had me, one of the themes of White, with the Spaniard Pablo Alborán, and two new duets, also registered with international figures, will be released very soon. One with the English Joss Stone and the Guatemalan Gaby moreno, with whom years ago he already sang Was you.

Stone who surprised in her debut with only 16 years for her impressive voice, is one of the references of soul and blues nowadays. For her part, Moreno, guitarist and singer-songwriter, in 2013 won the Latin Grammy award for best new artist, establishing herself as the first Guatemalan woman to reach the gramophone.

White It became one of the most original launches of this 2020, marked by the pandemic and restrictions due to isolation throughout the world. Maintaining a style and attitude true to her essence, Arjona recorded this album with live musicians at the iconic Abbey Road Studios From london. The same one where they once passed The Beatles, Pink Floyd, U2 and Freddie Mercury, among others.

Risking with a new artistic search In his career, Arjona tried a different sound on this new record material, basically acoustic, moving away a bit from the most fashionable rhythms at the moment, in the songs in Spanish.

Die to live It is the second cut of this project, and the last video clip revealed to the world, with which, as announced, a cycle is closed to start a new one.

The faithful public of the musician closely follows the news that emerges from White, while they wait for Arjona to resume their tours and live concerts, once the coronavirus is controlled and they get up preventive health barriers.

This album by Arjona was surrounded by a lot of emotion, with songs linked to very special moments. One of the most emotional presentations of this album was with the song She dances Alone dedicated to the memory of Veronica Luque, one of his fans, whom he visited when he was 12 years old, and was Interned in a hospital. Shortly after, Verónica died and the musician composed a song for her.

Another moment of great sensitivity was with the presentation of the video clip You will survive, with which Arjona surprised with a greeting, in the middle of a live, a Chilean nurse who could not contain the tears in her virtual encounter with the musician.



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