Emmy 2020: the winning series you have to see

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The ceremony was held for the first time in virtual format, due to the coronavirus, and awarded the best of the season.

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The awards for the best of television in the United States were presented in an event that had 6.1 million viewers. But beyond the rating, many Emmy’s serve to know some of the most interesting series of today or raise their fist when one of the favorites takes a statuette. Here, a review of some of the big winners of the night that are available to view in Flow. Being Premium content, it is necessary to have the pack of these channels to be able to enjoy them.

With 11 awards, including best miniseries, screenplay, lead for Regina King and supporting actor for Yahya Abdul-Mateen, HBO’s “Watchmen” was one of the night’s big winners.

Set 34 years after the story created in the comics by Alan Moore, and adapted to the cinema by Zack Snyder in 2009, the series fuses the conflict with vigilantes, superheroes who were banned for their violent methods, and racial conflicts in the United States. United. The wink: Following an attack by white supremacists on the police, officers began wearing masks to avoid revealing their identities and avoid retaliation.

It is a social drama, with some of the problems that are still a reality today in much of the world, with movements such as “Black Lives Matter”. But it also allows you to immerse yourself in a fantasy universe closely linked to the classic 1986 comic, with super-powerful beings, megalomaniacs with plans to conquer the world and many winks for fans of the original story.

An audiovisual and entertainment media mogul, Logan Roy, and his four children are the protagonists of “Succession”, the story of a billionaire and dysfunctional family, the struggle for power, to be the “successor” and control the created empire by the patriarch.

“Succession”, in addition to taking the award for best drama, He also won the award for best director, lead actor (Jeremy Strong, the son who followed his father’s opinions to the letter to manage the company), guest actress and screenplay.

But that’s not all: Brian Cox (the patriarch, Logan) was also nominated for best leading actor, and Nicholas Braun, Kieran Culking and Matthew Macfadyen competed for supporting actor, as was Sarah Snook, the tycoon’s only daughter, in Supporting Actress.

The current life of adolescents, with social networks, drugs, sexual violence, depression, gender diversity and discrimination, in a very crude series not suitable for sensitive stomachs. The modern version of “At 13” (“Thirteen”, 2003, directed by Catherine Hardwicke and starring Evan Rachel Wood).

Without a doubt one of the factors of the success of “Euphoria” is Zendaya. At the age of 24, and in a role far removed from the MJ she played in the last Spider-Man, she won the award for best actress and made history: it is youngest woman to win an Emmy and the second African American to get it, after Viola Davis in 2015 for “How to get Away with Murder.”

Zendaya’s character, Rue, is the lynchpin of the series. Through their eyes we see the “normality” of a group of high school youth in the United States. Your problems with drugs and friends or relationships. And when she’s not on screen, she’s still there with her voiceover.

Created, written and directed by Derek Cianfrance (of “Blue Valentine”), “I Know this much is true” stands out for Mark Ruffalo’s double performance as twin brothers, one with mental problems, to tell the story of a family with loyalties, betrayals and sacrifices.

The pivot of the story is the conflict between the brothers and Dominic’s struggle to get Thomas out of a madhouse. Ruffalo took the Emmy for best actor thanks to these conflicting roles.

The always flawless Cate Blanchett did not win the best actress award for “Mrs. America ”, which does not detract from the miniseries that tells the story of the movement that sought to avoid the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in the United States in the 1970s. The best thing happens through his role as conservative politics, Phyllis Schlafly , who opposed feminism and played a key role in this fight for women’s liberation.

It is worth highlighting several of the supporting actresses who accompanied Blanchett and who were nominated in that category, such as Tracey Ullman, Margo Martindale and Uzo Aduba, who finally won the award. ”Mrs. America “, based on historical events but with some licenses, was also nominated for best miniseries – it lost to” Watchmen “- and best screenplay.

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