According to European diplomats, EU leaders will demand at a summit on Thursday that Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier ensure that guarantees of a level playing field for European companies competing with Britain are backed by Brussels law. take swift retaliation if Britain breaches its commitments, the Financial Times wrote on Monday.
France and other EU countries will underline their determination to keep their fishing quotas in British waters, leaving Barnier limited room for maneuver to reach an agreement.
The EU wants to ensure consistent fishing rights in British waters, an important issue for France, where coastal fishing communities have political influence. The UK wants an agreement similar to that of Norway, which is not a member of the EU, according to which quotas are set each year.
Johnson set the October 15 summit for a trade deal, and an EU diplomat said on Friday that Barnier wants more concessions from Britain before entering the final phase of negotiations on a trade deal.
Johnson told German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday that progress must be made in the coming days in post-Brexit trade talks with the European Union to cover “significant gaps”, especially in fisheries and a level playing field, his office said. .
Johnson reiterated his belief that “while reaching an agreement in the coming days would be beneficial for both sides, the UK is also ready to end the transition period under conditions similar to those with Australia.”