Emma Roberts finds a boyfriend for the holidays in the movie trailer

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The trailer for the romantic comedy Holidate has arrived, which will debut on Netflix on October 28th. The female lead is bubbly Emma Roberts.

There is a Netflix comedy that talks about holidays, but which instead of debuting on the streaming platform at Christmas, arrives close to Halloween, and that is, on October 28th. Is titled Holidate, a word composed of holiday (holiday) and dates (in this case boyfriend). The holidate is therefore the person who passes himself off as his sweetheart when there are anniversaries involving family and friends.

The protagonist of the rom com Holidate is a young career woman whose mother would like to see a man next to her at any cost, then she finds an alleged boyfriend to take with her at Christmas, Easter and so on and thinks she has solved the problem . Too bad, as it teaches us Harry, this is SallyWhen there is physical attraction between two friends, it is very difficult that love, or at least sex, does not escape us.

The female lead of Holidate it is delicious Emma Roberts, which we loved very much in American Horror Story e Scream Queens. At his side we find Luke Bracey. Then there are Andrew Bachelor, Jessica Capshaw, Manish dayal, Alex Moffat, Jake Manley, Cynthy Wu, Frances Fisher e Kristin Chenoweth. The direction, however, is by John Whitesell, to which we owe FBI: Operation Tata.

Of Holidate the trailer just came out. It’s all for you, after the official synopsis.

Sloane (Emma Roberts) and Jackson (Luke Bracey) hate holidays. They constantly find themselves single, sitting at the children’s table or stuck with unlikely suitors. But when these two strangers meet on a particularly unfortunate Christmas, they make a deal and become engaged for the holidays of the coming year. With a mutual disdain for parties and the certainty of not having a mutual romantic interest, they form a perfect team. But as a year of absurd celebration draws to a close, Sloane and Jackson discover that sharing everything they hate could turn into something they unexpectedly love.



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