Emily in Paris, the new Netflix series

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Starring Lily Collins, Phil’s daughter, tells the story of a girl who moves to the French capital to work in the world of fashion.

Emily and Paris is the new Netflix series destined to be a hit with young audiences. Lily Collins is the protagonist of this story and Darren Star, producer of the hit Sex and the City, the creator. The chapters sound tempting for lovers of fashion, stylish places and romantic tales.

The script follows an ambitious young woman of humble origins, who lives in Chicago and decides to move to the French capital to accept a surprise job offer, which consists of managing the networks for a company. Your new home introduces you to various situations that mix humor with elegance.

“It reminds me of me when I was younger and thinking about ambitious projects and I was not afraid to pursue my dreams. They told me no many times and I was also rejected in tons of auditions early in my career. If I had resigned, I would not be doing what I do now, “confessed Lily Collins.

During the 10 chapters, which are already available on Netflix, the actress goes through numerous cultural clashes, new relationships of friendship and romance, a great professional change and meets a new social class in which she is immersed. The girl will have to juggle to get everything to fit perfectly.

“I had wanted to do a series about a foreigner living in Paris for a long time. When I was 19 years old, when I traveled around Europe in the summer with my backpack, I landed in the city and fell in love with it. I thought it would be nice to share that feeling with the public. This role has given Lily the opportunity to let her personality shine through. She is a wonderful, authentic woman with innate charm and sympathy. She gave it her all, “said Star.

The European city becomes a highly exploited stage that feeds the viewer. From emblematic monuments, its cobbled streets to gastronomy. All the glamor of the city is present in every scene.

Phil Collins’ daughter who won over much of the youth audience for her performances in movies like Shadowhunters, Mirror Mirror The Down to the bone, is accompanied by another familiar face. This is Kate Walsh, the actress who played Dr. Addison Montgomery, the ex-wife of Doctor Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy.

Some called this project the new Sex and the City and there are several points of contact between these stories. The two protagonists have a great passion for fashion. The cities where the characters are located are emblems of design. To that is added that Patricia Field, the costume designer of the fiction who starred Jessica Parker Y The Devil Wears Prada, is also part of the project.

The premiere comes days after Collins announced her engagement to writer and producer Charlie McDowell. The actress shared the news through instagram. “I’ve been waiting my life for you and I can’t wait to spend our life together …”, he wrote in the publication in which he shared three images.

The fans congratulated the interpreter who showed her wedding ring and the exact moment of the proposal. Possibly the marriage will take place next year.



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