Emergency and curfew: European countries are tightening up measures

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In order to halt the rising number of positive tests, several European countries tightened measures last week. For example, a new state of emergency was declared in Spain, theaters and cinemas in Italy have to be closed and millions of French people are faced with a curfew. An overview.

State of emergency and curfew in Spain

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez declared a new state of emergency in Spain on Sunday. The country sees one of the biggest increases in the number of positive corona tests in all of Europe.

With the new state of emergency, Spanish regions will have the power to impose stricter movement restrictions. Which measures will apply exactly where, therefore, still depends on the regions themselves.

A national curfew has been established in the new state of emergency. In principle, this applies between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., but regions have the authority to adjust the start and end times of the curfew.

After a record number of positive tests, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has further tightened national corona measures. On Saturday, almost twenty thousand positive corona tests were reported in 24 hours.

From Monday, cinemas, theaters, gyms and swimming pools must close. Restaurants and cafes must stop serving at 6pm.

Conte wants to prevent a complete lockdown, as was introduced earlier this year. That lockdown triggered the country’s worst post-war recession.

During the press conference, Conte said that the residents of the country need to continue with the new restrictions. “But then we can breathe again in December,” said the prime minister.

Italian catering establishments must stop serving from Monday at 6pm. (Photo: ANP)

French Prime Minister Jean Castex imposed a curfew on Thursday for 46 million people from the country’s 67 million inhabitants. Residents of dozens of French departments are only allowed outside between 9 pm and 6 am if there is an important reason for this.

“France and Europe are now experiencing a second wave of the epidemic,” Castex said at a news conference. “The coming weeks will be tough. The number of deaths will continue to increase.” According to the prime minister, it cannot be ruled out that the measures will have to be tightened further in the near future.



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