Elon Musk has recently become the second richest man on the planet, surpassing Bill Gates and lagging behind Jeff Bezos, and although most of his wealth has been obtained from Tesla, one of his main businesses and probably the one that has been most spoken in recent months is about SpaceX, as it is the company that will be taking missions into space together with NASA.

But among the most important missions of SpaceX is Starship SN8, the ship that will take the first step to the conquest of Mars, and which has already successfully carried out its first tests.

A few hours ago Musk shared on his Twitter account that the Starship SN8 that the static fire tests were successful, and that with this the ship is preparing for the first “fire test”, because next week it will make its first flight at 15 km high.

This last test will aim to test several of the elements of the ship that will allow it to gain momentum and have power, but it will not be the final test with which it is defined that the ship is ready to go.

Try and failure

Recall that it took SpaceX several years to get its rockets back to Earth after a launch and that they will land “alone”, so the Starship case is very similar.

A few months ago the Starship SN4 suffered an explosion during tests, but SpaceX solved them with the SN5 prototype, so the SN8 is on the right track.

Musk has also mentioned that the SN8 looks much more like the final Starship arriving on Mars.

We will keep an eye on what happens next week with the Starship SN8 test flight.