Elisa Amoruso talks about her film with the actors Morelli, Fasano and Ielapi

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At the Rome Film Festival, director Elisa Amoruso discusses her Damn Spring. With her on the stage of the Auditorium, the actors Giampaolo Morelli, Emma Fasano and Federico Ielapi.

It is a very intimate and personal film Cursed spring, from 12 November to the cinema thanks to Bim Distribuzione, a story that exhumes the director’s memories Elisa Amoruso in a moment of his pre-adolescent life, in the late 1980s, when he moved from the center to the suburbs of Rome with his parents and younger brother. The title of the film recalls the famous song sung by Loretta Goggi, which accompanied that period at home on cassette tape Amoruso. The director wrote the film with Paola Randi e Eleonora Cimpanelli and, together with the actors Giampaolo Morelli, Emma Fasano e Federico Ielapi, talked about it at the Rome Film Fest where the film premiered. That move marks the overwhelming encounter with a new friend, Sirley, a thirteen-year-old mulatto who lives in the building opposite.

“It was a natural transition to fictional cinema,” he explains Elisa Amoruso which comes from many screenwriting works and the direction of four documentaries, including Chiara Ferragni Unposted. “I went to Angelo and Matilde (the producers Barbagallo, ed) with another story in hand about a fisherwoman, then chatting with them, I came to tell about my move from a long time ago and about my father coming in at home with a pool table instead of a dining table ”continues the director. “Write this story, they told me, and with them I realized that I could tell something intimate and sincere, to the point that during the writing process I felt the need to write in a free form, like a stream of consciousness”, from whose manuscript the novel was also born Sirley, published by Fandango Libri.

The young version of the Amoruso who comes to life in the film is called Nina and is played by the newcomer Emma Fasano. The young actress says that “it was very exciting to debut in a starring film, and it was also difficult to balance the emotions, the time spent on the set and my personal life, but it went very well and I’m happy”. Federico Ielapi he plays next to her in the role of her younger brother, a very young actor whom we saw with “woody” make-up in the role of Pinocchio. To a nicely mischievous question that asks him if he had more fun on the set of Cursed spring or on that of Matteo Garrone, Ielapi demonstrates that he has already understood the diplomacy of the entertainment world by replying that “I enjoyed both films, because every experience is different”. Or he is simply much more mature than some full grown adults are.

Micaela Ramazzotti e Giampaolo Morelli they are the actors who fill the roles of the parents, figures slightly in the background but always present through Nina’s eyes. Absent in the press conference there Ramazzotti, is Morelli to tell about the first meeting with the director. “I was about to start shooting my first film as a director, a moment when your head is full of things and it’s hard to think about anything else, but I wanted to meet Elisa” says the actor, “I was curious about the story, I was fascinated, adolescence is a difficult and very important age, which marks us. I felt close to her, because we were both about to make our directorial debut and there was a strong connection ”. Regarding the fact that he was supposed to play the father of Amoruso, Morelli he explains that you take some measures “and then as for every role you put in your experience. With Elisa we have outlined the character by bringing the character in one direction. I am fascinated by his messy, elusive way of being, but a father full of love, like life, like us who have a thousand shades ”. “Giampaolo understood this character immediately” the director takes over, “he immediately proposed his adaptation, for example to do it in Neapolitan and this dialect of his on the character worked very well”.


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