Elijah dissatisfied with return: ‘you will see the old Elijah soon’

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Eljero Elia looks back with dissatisfaction on his return to the Eredivisie. The thirty-time Orange-international could not help his new club FC Utrecht past VVV-Venlo on Friday as a substitute (1-1).

33-year-old Elia, who came over from Turkish Basaksehir this summer, came in for Mimoun Mahi in the 81st minute at a 1-1 score. For the wing attacker it was his first match since the championship match of Feyenoord against Heracles Almelo on May 14, 2017. He did not qualify for the arbitration further than a yellow card in the final phase.

“It will come. Don’t worry. You will see the old Elijah soon”, Elijah said afterwards at FOX Sports. “I am a bit angry. This is such a shame that you will miss two points at VVV, while you are really better.”

Elia swore that he is not angry with trainer John van den Brom that he was only allowed to come in ten minutes before time. According to Van den Brom, Elia is not yet fit enough to play an entire match, because he had various physical complaints in the preparation and only joined the selection in mid-August.

“I know that the trainer has a lot of confidence in me. I have faith in the trainer and the staff. They know what they are doing”, said Elia, who made a void in the arbitration because of the time stretching of VVV goalkeeper Thorsten Kirschbaum and got yellow for that.

“The goalkeeper had the ball on one side first and then moved it to the other side of his penalty area to kick out. I just said to the referee: ref time, huh! He wanted to make a show of it again. “

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