More than 5 years since he made a fuss through a gesture through which he put his index finger to his nose, interpreted in countless ways, but whose significance few knew, Udrea comes with an explanation. Asked by journalist Denise Rifai what that gesture meant, Udrea answered:

“As I said at the time, I made the gesture to a person dear to me. My partner at the time was at home watching me and wrote on the phone, ‘I see you on TV.’ It was a gesture I had made long before, and it was copied from Celine Dion and her husband. They had agreed that when they were in public and away from each other, they would make this gesture, and we wanted to do the same. And then I turned to make this gesture to let him know that I was fine, against everything that was happening and being said on TV. It was something so simple, when I look at what connotations, how did the specialists analyze “why did Udrea make the sign?” as one wonders today, but is it true that he meant I don’t know what. It was so simple, as no one could have imagined, a sign made to a loved one who was watching TV and wanted to know that I was fine “, Elena Udrea said.

Udrea justified his choice not to give explanations at that time, blaming the lack of time and more important problems to be solved.

“I don’t think I knew about this debate at first. I left the Parliament and one of my advisers called me and told me that there was a great debate about the gesture. I was being arrested, I was waiting to explain why I made that gesture? And I said, “I really don’t care what they speculate about, they arrest me. I don’t care if they speculate in one way or another. ” Later, after I said what it was about, people probably would have liked it to be something much more important, more hidden, it was too simple “, Elena Udrea also said.

As for the name of the partner at that time, Udrea preferred not to answer.

“I would not want to give him his name because everyone knows who he was at that time. Maybe now he is in another relationship and he doesn’t want to be seen on TV “, concluded Elena Udrea.