Elena Diaz has been one of the protagonists of the career of 10,000 meters walk of the Spanish Championship. Not because of his performance, with a ninth place that was not the best of his positions, if not for having run with a mask, something practically unprecedented in professional sports.

A claim in favor of security measures to raise awareness and protect, as she herself has admitted. “I train with her and also I preferred to compete with protection because in the end you do not know if you can be a carrier of the asymptomatic disease and I did not want to endanger my colleagues“, he explained.

“The sickness is increasing again, the thing is worse than in summer”

Elena, in addition to being an athlete, is pediatrician at the Virgen de la Luz Hospital in Cuenca, and has been one of the thousands of warriors who have fought against the pandemic face to face. The Madrilenian has treated various patients with the disease since it spread throughout the country in March.

Having “met” the virus first hand, he knows its danger and did not hesitate to wear his mask in the race to claim the importance of its use and show that it is not so complicated to carry it. “It was another objective. I train with it, it does not affect performance. Today I have not had a good day, but the mask was not the cause“.

Elena herself admits that the confinement conditions and her guards have not allowed her to prepare in the conditions that she would have liked, but He has done it “better than I thought”.

“In the end, you don’t know if you can be a carrier of the disease and I didn’t want to endanger my colleagues”

Also, after the race he wanted to send a warning to the population and remember that the increase in cases may once again overwhelm hospitals. “Again the sick are increasing, the thing is worse than in summer“, remember.