The arrival of electric vehicles not only changes the way of understanding mobility, but also all services related to the automotive sector. And is that the mechanics of an electrified car differs in several aspects from that of a car with a combustion engine, so their needs in terms of repairs and maintenance are different.

Electric cars involve less expense not only in fuel, but also in maintenance. Changes such as engine oil disappear in this type of vehicle, so the daily routine of care that zero emissions need is simplified.

Adapting mechanical workshops to electric cars would prevent the closure of more than 20% of these establishments

But it is true that they entail other types of complications when taking them to the workshop due to the particularity of their mechanics. And it is in the repair centers where the differentiation between one type of engine and another begins. According to the latest publication by Ganvam and Aedive, mechanical workshops must have a delimited and secluded space in which electric vehicles are repaired.

This differentiation of spaces responds to the security needs derived from the electrical components of the car. In addition, before handling components such as the battery, it will be essential to disconnect the battery and wait at least five minutes for the battery voltage to disappear. On the other hand, it will be urgent specific training of mechanics and workshop personnel.

So that they can do their job properly, This document explains that they must learn and take into account the risks derived from the repairs of electric cars, especially in relation to electricity and high voltage. When working, operators must have protective equipment such as goggles and insulating gloves.