Electoral folds: Senators attribute this “fiasco” to Adrexo distributor

Senators from the Law Committee decried Thursday (July 22,) the “unprecedented fiasco” of the distribution of propaganda during regional and departmental elections.

“The Adrexo firm uses massively temporary workers on an enormous scale. These temporary workers are not trained.“, estimated the chairman of the Senate Law Commission François-Noël Buffet (LR), during a press conference.” We saw that Adrexo did not meet the distribution requirements,” he said.

“The Ministry of the Interior assigned part of the operations (…) that were not performed to operators who did not have any. These dysfunctions are largely due to the Ministry of the Interior. Not operational capacity“, the report notes that the commission was charged with investigating the incidents that triggered the ballot.

The State has taken some of the responsibility for distributing electoral papers

A framework agreement was signed by the State in December 2020. The distribution of electoral envelopes was transferred to Adrexo over four years for seven regions and 51 areas. Today, Adrexo is being attacked from all sides for his often questionable decisions in advertising leaflets.

The electoral distribution was shared with La Poste, which until then was in a monopoly position. However, the European directive on competition in the postal service has been transposed and the allocation of part to a private service provider.

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Promising that he would examine “with acuity and responsibility the pursuit of the market” of electoral distribution, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin had explained to the deputies, on June 29, why this call for tenders had been awarded to La Poste and Adrexo. He remembered that the European directive of 1997 had allowed competition in the postal service. It was revised in 2002. A 2005 French law had transposed the directive. “La Poste was the only one to have won the tender up until 2010.

Arcep (an independent authority responsible in particular for the proper functioning the postal service) “validated” two companies, La Poste or Adrexo.

More than 25% of voters reported not having received their electoral envelopes

According to a survey by Cévipof, A quarter of French citizens have not received any document. The first round of electoral propaganda (according Adrexo, 5.3% and 7.2% of the French didn’t receive any in each departmental and regional). The second round is the same, but the commission quotes Adrexo’s figures while calling them “undervalued”. For example, 26.6% would have received no propagandism for the local elections, and for the regional ones, 40.3% would.

The chairman of Adrexo’s law committee also raised questions about the competence of Adrexo to deliver mail. Adrexo was valued at 87.5% its turnover during the procurement. The work of the commission reveals that this was not the case.Only 3.3% actually corresponded with mail delivery in Adrexo’s total turnoverThe distribution of advertising materials is the other part.

The Law Commission made 12 recommendations to ensure that electoral propaganda was distributed during the next election. It recommended that the Law Commission “review” the selection criteria for candidates for the distribution market and demanded an extension of one to two weeks between the two rounds in case of concomitance of two general election.

(Source: AFP)


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