In an interview with several pro-Kremlin media outlets, Sergei Lavrov brings new accusations against the United States over the Republic of Moldova.

Although Moscow has always said “no” to the settlement proposals and is not withdrawing its troops from Transnistria, as it assumed at the 1999 OSCE summit in Istanbul, the Russian foreign minister claims that the United States is in fact preventing the settlement of the frozen conflict. on the Dniester.

“Unfortunately, for the time being, this mechanism for solving the Transnistrian problem is not working because, first of all, the Americans are trying to take control and make a new abscess in the post-Soviet space in the Republic of Moldova,” Lavrov said.

The Russian Minister referred to the “5 + 2” negotiating format, consisting of the Republic of Moldova, Transnistria, Russia, Ukraine and the OSCE, plus the EU and the United States as observers.

The Russian diplomacy has already prepared its speech in connection with the situation occasioned on a regional level by the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova, scheduled to take place on November 1, two days before those in the United States.

“They (the Americans) want an unequivocal victory of the pro-Western forces,” Sergei Lavrov said.

In addition, he claims that the United States seeks to “make impossible” an alliance between incumbent Moldovan President Igor Dodon and opponent Maia Sandu.

The Russian minister made this statement without receiving any reply from the hall, given that the government led by Maia Sandu fell 11 months ago following a motion of censure of the Socialist deputies, which supports Igor Dodon.

Eight politicians have announced their candidacies for the November 1 elections: incumbent President Igor Dodon, former Prime Minister Maia Sandu, Balti mayor Renato Usatii, leader of the “Dignity and Truth Platform” Party, Andrei Nastase, Violeta Ivanov, from the “SOR” Party ”, The former mayor of Chisinau Dorin Chirtoaca, Octavian Ticu, from the National Unity Party, and Tudor Deliu, from the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova.

In an attempt to imitate Russian President Vladimir Putin, Igor Dodon claims he is not campaigning. However, the Moldovan president resorted to a landing of “Russian political consultants”, who would have arrived in Chisinau in not very transparent conditions, according to representatives of Maia Sandu, according to Agerpres.

The group of political advisers is directly coordinated by Olga Grak, who is said to have links to the Russian secret services.

According to MP Igor Grosu, candidate Igor Dodon did not declare to the Central Electoral Commission the expenses for the services of Russian consultants, which is a serious violation of the legislation in force.