The Republic of Moldova has always been the target of Russian influences, pressures and direct military aggressions, which intervened with an iron fist to prevent any aspiration of Moldovans to get closer to Europe and general European values. Over the years, dozens of ideologies, projects, languages, histories and other models of influence have been invented, including false information fueled by politicians, artists, writers, and more recently by influencers – all to keep Moldova in orbit. Of the Kremlin – regardless of the wishes of the citizens, who each time mattered the least or did not matter at all, writes in the introduction of a article-river entitled “Kremlin People Engaged in Igor Dodon’s Campaign: FSB Officers, Wagner Mercenaries, and Suspects of Assassination”.

“All the electoral campaigns in the Republic of Moldova so far have been involving foreign forces, but the most active and harmful involvement has always been the Kremlin. Through dirty election technologies, puppet candidates, millions of euros pumped into television, newspapers, news sites and election gifts. The cult of the glorious Soviet past and strong Russia is fueled non-stop, but especially during the election campaigns, “the quoted source continues.

According to, Igor Dodon is not an independent politician, but subject to the Kremlin. His agenda “is made by FSB agents and employees of President Putin,” the Moldovan portal notes. then presents some of the Kremlin people involved in Dodon’s campaign and how they work. It is a team of ten people who coagulated in the autumn 2019 elections in Chisinau.

Way of working

“The Moldovan team is divided into three parts. The communication, PR, jurisprudence and propaganda team – led by Olga Grak. The team of political scientists, psychologists, sociologists and ideologues – which is led by Leonind Gonin. And the “force team.” The landing of FSB and SVR agents, many of them under cover, with false names, led by Iuri Gudilin “, states

“The operative center of the Russian landing is on Serghei Lazo 25 in Chisinau. At the official headquarters of PSRM and where Igor Dodon’s electoral staff is. Joint meetings are held right in Igor Dodon’s party office, but also in the party’s meeting room, where we regularly see group photos of PSRM members – most of them blind executors of special electoral technologies made by Russian secret services in the CIS. “, Continues the portal.

“Also there is the legal headquarters of Exclusiv Media – the main media company of the Socialists, through which propaganda and misinformation materials are disseminated. From there, the TV, online, radio campaigns are coordinated, as well as the work of the teams in the field. The instructions for the Fake sites taken from Plahotniuc and coordinated by Adela Railean and Oleg Cristal from another office on Albişoara Street also start from there. Most of the Russian team is still in Chisinau, but they were all in Moldova this fall. Most of them met personally with Igor Dodon – “the independent candidate”, this positioning is also an invention of the Russian team “, the quoted site notes.

“President Dodon’s Russian advisers use various secure technical tools, closed-ended special services communication systems, where working groups are set up and where strategies are discussed and information is exchanged operatively. All communications and information are kept secret so as not to appear in public. Also there are given indications regarding the tendencies that must appear in the drawn polls, the electoral materials are finalized, as well as the organizational discussions are made.

Similarly, complex data collection and interpretation systems are used – such as PRIZMA. PRIZMA is a system of information services through which data are collected from all electronic sources, all social networks, various scenarios are analyzed and modeled. This system also allows for the delivery of advertising or micro-targeted election messages and for influencing certain groups of people separately from others. Such systems were also used in Brexit in the United Kingdom and in the interference of Russian special services in the United States elections. Igor Dodon uses the same types of targeted advertising and messages in his campaign.

Also noteworthy are the exorbitant sums spent on YouTube and Google media channels, which on the one hand cannot be verified, and on the other hand tens of thousands of euros are spent for Dodon’s election videos to raise hundreds of thousands of views ”, reveals


Olga Grak |

“He is the main political consultant and the leader of the communication group of the candidate Igor Dodon. The most experienced and pro-active member of the group of political consultants in Russia involved in Igor Dodon’s campaign. Olga Grak was also the head of the campaign staff and of Ion Ceban in the elections of the general mayor of the capital. She coordinated Ion Ceban’s communication team on all aspects, including black PR and attacks on his main opponent Andrei Năstase. Olga Grak is also part of the Chicu Government’s communications team, coordinating messages and responses to media attacks. They are also friends with Vitalie Dragancea – former communications adviser in Chicu’s team.

Born in Belarus in the 1990s, she and her family moved to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. Here, together with his brother, Mikhail Grak, a well-known polytechnologist in Kalinigrad, he became involved in political consulting. Mikhail Grak studied law at the Police Academy and was consulted chief and chief of staff to Nikolai Tsukanov, the former governor of Kaliningrad from the United Russia presidential party and now Putin’s plenipotentiary representative in the Ural region. Also there, in Kaliningrad, Olga Grak met Veaceslav Smirnov, then a press officer of Governor Tsukanov and a polytechologist for several resonance campaigns and author of several black schemes and electoral scams. Together with Smirnov, Olga Grak gets involved in Zhukanov’s election campaign, and after Zhukanov becomes head of Putin’s campaign staff in 2018, Olga Grak and Smirnov are elevated to federal rank and get involved in the Kremlin’s campaigns in the former USSR . This Smirnov is known as one of the most heinous figures in Russian election campaigns, author of thousands of Fake-News and illegal election-influencing schemes, such as voter carousels, several candidates of the same name, denigration of the opposition, schemes used and in the Republic of Moldova. In 2018, Eduard Smirnov, under Tsukanov’s protectorate, ends up working in President Putin’s administration as head of the communications department and is responsible for regional election campaigns, including in the former Soviet countries. He is the direct head of Olga Grak and through her the Presidential Administration in Moscow influences the electoral campaigns in Moldova.

In this way, Olga Grak becomes the Kremlin’s election campaign coordinator in countries like the Republic of Moldova, bringing with her all the illegal schemes widely used by Russians all over the world.

Tsukanov is also a partner of the famous Evghenii Prigojin, known as the owner and financier of the famous Russian trolley factory, which became known for its active participation in destabilizing the situation in the US and British elections. Prigojin is also known as the owner of the WAGNER Private Army, through which the Kremlin destabilizes and assassinates uncomfortable people abroad, or involvement in Syria, Libya, Venezuela. Prigojin is considered Putin’s black man, through whom all resonant killings are committed – from poisonings with Noviciok to the financing of separatist regimes, including in Ukraine, and terrorist organizations. “

Yuri Gudilin

“He is an officer in the 5th Directorate of International Relations of the FSB. He comes from a family of career soldiers and has worked in various countries of the former USSR, specializing in special operations and counter-propaganda. He officially presents himself as having resigned from the FSB service in order to deal with electoral technologies. Even so, it is present in almost all regions hostile to the Russians.

Gudilin is part of the big team of the same obscure Evgheni Prigojin, from the so-called “CIS Directorate”. Direction that must seem civil, but in fact is part of the intelligence department of the Wagner army (…) and Prigojin’s organizations that deal with media strategies and electoral technologies.

This department must be at the forefront of Russian propaganda in the region, and in addition to propaganda and electoral technology, it will be strengthened with Wagner military agents and specialists in provocations, destabilization, diversions and terrorist attacks.

In Chisinau, Gudilin is not on his first visit or mission. He knows very well the situation in the country, the main political actors and has relations and communication with several public figures with whom he contacts. It is known from some sources that Gudilin is in charge of operational activities and would coordinate the FSB’s relationship with certain people in the force structures as well as work with some Russian residents in Chisinau. He is also responsible for the methods and reactions to media attacks by electoral contestants and deals with the annihilation of electoral challenges against the Kremlin candidate. Gudilin is also involved in the physical supervision of the other candidates. Collect data about their actions, activists and the people on their staff. Monitors the actions of other special services in Moldova and is engaged in monitoring, tracking and even collecting data on candidates using the resources of Moldovan special services.

In the team of Russians who came to Dodon’s aid, Gudilin is the “evil genius.” He organizes the work of the Moscow center with the Chisinau region. He disciplines the rest and is the man that even Igor Dodon fears. He, the president and the supreme leader, being the one who fulfills exactly all the directives that came through Gudilin, from the outfit to the speech. Likewise, communication between them is done through a dedicated device, which looks like a mobile phone, but does not look like GSM. A special device, secured and imposed on Dodon after the scandal with the Black Berry phone lost by the Supreme Commander from Sadova ”.

Leonid Gonin

“He is one of the most famous political scientists in Russia. Experienced specialist with a huge body of knowledge and political expert. (…) He was also involved in Ion Ceban’s campaign and is also a friend of most socialists on Facebook. Leonid Gonin (…) is involved in the ideological part of the campaign, in the image of the candidate in front of the traditional electorate – Russian speakers or nostalgic for the Soviet Union “, writes

Other members of the team are Liudmila Saburova, a candidate in philosophical sciences at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Aleksei Ciucimarev, a political scientist specializing in special electoral projects – he organizes teams of PSRM activists in the territory – and Serghei Galiev, an old friend of Olga Grak considered one of the best electoral jurists in Russia.

These revelations show that Moscow is trying to spread its tentacles in the Republic of Moldova as much as possible, especially in the context of the protests in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan. In addition to the people sent to the field, Moscow is trying to form a favorable public opinion at the international level, recently accusing, without evidence, Washington of trying to destabilize the situation across the Prut in the context of the November 1 elections. It is a message that Moscow will not accept Dodon’s defeat in the election, as he is one of the few pawns in the former Soviet republics.