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The journalist Kristen Welker He will be in charge of controlling the crosses between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the meeting that will take place in Tennessee.

The last presidential debate ahead of the elections in the United States will be held this Thursday at the headquarters of Belmont University, in Nashville, Tennessee. And this time a woman will moderate.

The debate, which will begin at 9 p.m. EDT and last 90 minutes, is perhaps Donald Trump’s last chance to discount the advantage that your opponent has, Democrat Joe Biden.

One of the larger magnifying glasses will be on the moderator of this last cross between the candidates, the journalist of the NBC network, Kristen Welker (44). It is still fresh in the memory what happened in the first debate, when Trump’s performance turned the crossing into a show of crossed accusations and insults.

This will be the first time that Welker, who is a White House correspondent for NBC, and also host of the weekend edition of the show Today, moderate a presidential debate. It is also part of the emblematic political program, Meet the Press.

On the other hand, it will be the second black journalist to fulfill this role: the first was Carole Simpson, at that time of the ABC chain, in 1992.

This final debate will be identical to the first, in the sense that Welker should have chosen the thematic axes you want to discuss, and the pertinent questions. The ninety minutes of duration will be divided into 6 segments of 15 minutes each.

Last week, Welker unveiled what they will be the topics you want to cover with the candidates: the fight against COVID-19, American families, race in the USA, climate change, national security and leadership.

Recall that originally there were three scheduled debates, but the second had to be suspended due to Trump getting COVID-19. That meeting, which should have been held on October 15 in Miami, contemplated the modality of a townhall, where the public can ask questions of Trump and Biden.

At first, it was proposed to move it to a virtual mode, but Trump refused, and the debate ended up being suspended. The moderator for that crossover was to be the C-SPAN television host and policy editor Steve Scully.

Many critics fell on the moderator of the first presidential debate, the journalist from Fox News, Chris Wallace. In general, he was accused of allowing Trump to get off the script as many times as he wanted, turning the debate into chaos.

It must be said that, in light of that background, Welker will have additional help this time around. The Commission on Presidential Debates recently announced that at certain times during this junction I’d mute the mic of the candidate who will not have to speak.

In theory, this would further complicate Trump’s strategy, which has a tendency to stray from pre-established norms. The news did not go down well within the environment of the current president.

The campaign manager, Bill Stepien, claimed it was “completely unacceptable” that an “anonymous” person had the possibility to restrict the words of each candidate.

Trump has also been disgusted by Welker’s appointment as the moderator, and with the issues he chose. At a campaign rally in Arizona, the president called the journalist a “radical democrat”Someone who comes “yelling questions at him for a while, and it’s not good at all.”

In front of journalists on Air Force One, he stated that he would participate in the debate, despite the fact that everything was “unfair”. Trump had already expressed his disgust at the topics Welker had chosen, as, according to him, this latest debate should focus on foreign policy.

“I will present myself to the debate, although it seems totally unfair that the topics have changed, and that a moderator who is very biased“, completed the president in front of the press on his trip to Washington.


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