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The second face-to-face scheduled for this Thursday was suspended due to the president’s coronavirus. But they will answer questions at the same time in front of the cameras.

There will be questions but it will not be a debate: Republican President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden, who is leading the polls, will compete for the hearing in simultaneous televised events this Thursday, 19 days before the US elections.

After the cancellation of the second presidential debate scheduled for this Thursday, after Trump, 74, had to be hospitalized for three days with coronavirus on October 2, they will finally be presented separately, during central time and from two key states to define the November 3 elections.

The mandatary will face the questions of the voters for an hour in Florida on NBC, while at the same time his rival will do the same in his home state Pennsylvania, on ABC.

The Republican mogul won in those two states in 2016, but four years later the 77-year-old Democratic candidate leads the polls in both.

Former Vice President Barack Obama has an advantage of almost ten points percentage in the national average of opinion polls. But above all it is moving forward, albeit with a narrower margin, in the key states that decide the US election.

In the final stretch of an aggressive campaign, the two candidates also had other activities planned: Trump would preside over a rally in North Carolina, another disputed state, and Biden participated in an online fundraising event, following a tour that took him to Ohio and Florida.

Trump is also trying to increase his support in two sectors that not long ago he considered were secure: big business and the traditionally Republican state of Iowa, where he gave a speech Wednesday and argued that his own leadership is a guarantee of a strong economy.

For David Canon, a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin, another crucial state, the idea of ​​running two different TV broadcasts at the same time seems “really bad.” “It is a real loss for democracy.”

Recovered, and even boasting of being “immunized” from the virus, the president returned with pleasure to the campaign ring on Monday and has not stopped since: Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa in three days.

Trump does not stop throwing virulent attacks against his adversary. On Wednesday in Des Moines, Iowa, he accused Biden of being a “corrupt politician.” “He shouldn’t even be allowed to run for the White House,” he said.

And he repeated his accusation that if the Democrat wins “the radical left will rule the country.”

Last week Donald Trump refused to participate in the second debate, scheduled for this Thursday, when the organizers announced the decision to hold it virtually as a precautionary measure, in case the president was still contagious.

“I’m not wasting my time,” he said.

Canon believes that Trump may have made a “tactical error” by withdrawing from the virtual debate with Biden. Lagging behind in the polls, “I needed the debates more than Biden.” “He is the one who needs to change the momentum of this election.”

The shocking announcement of Trump’s diagnosis fell less than three days after his first, very abrasive, debate against Biden.

The two candidates faced each other for 90 minutes on stage, while among the small audience, those close to Donald Trump took off their masks. Among them, First Lady Melania Trump also tested positive.


Accumulates 227,604 deaths from COVID-19

The United States This Wednesday they reached the figure of 8,848,875 confirmed cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and 227,604 deaths from the COVID-19...

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