Elections in the US: what is the deadline to register to vote?

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Each state has its own laws on this issue, but in some it is possible to do it the same day as the elections, on November 3.

With just over a week to go until the November 3 US presidential election, there is still time in some states to register to vote.

Each jurisdiction has laws and deadlines own, and in many of them the deadline has passed, but in places like California, Hawaii, and Washington DC, it is possible register the same day of the elections.

It should also be added that each state has different deadlines depending on whether it is an online registration, by mail, or in person. In the vast majority of cases, D-day for online registration, by letter, and in person is the same, and there are only exceptions to extend the term by appearing in person.

In all states that allow registration on Election Day, it can only be done in person.

In order to vote, it is necessary to have 18 years or older, be a United States citizen. To register before election day, either in person, online or by mail, it is necessary to provide the number of an identity document, which can be a driver’s license or a state identification card.

If the person does not have any identification document, they can register with the Social Security number.

Let’s take a couple of cases at random. In Idaho, for example, the deadline to register online, by mail, or in person was October 9, 25 days before the elections. If one was registered through the postal format, the letter had to be stamped on the day of the deadline, and there is no specified deadline for when it should arrive.

In turn, if one did not register until October 9, the state allows its citizens to do so on election day. To do this, the person must go to the voting center assigned to him according to his place of residence, and present a certificate of residence and a document that proves your identity.

Colorado, to cite another example, has a longer term. There is a deadline to register by mail or through the corresponding website until October 26, 8 days before the elections. The limit to do it in person is directly on November 3.

One of the stricter jurisdictions is Alaska. In America’s largest state, the deadline to register by mail was October 3, 30 days after the elections. To do it virtually or in person, the deadline was just one day later, on October 4. There is no possibility of registering on election day.

Calls for citizens to register to vote are a traditional and unavoidable part of electoral cycles in the United States, where voting is not mandatory, especially when it comes to presidential elections. However, 2020 has been an atypical and unusual year for many reasons.

On the one hand, the formal campaigns to encourage people to register to vote, an essential postcard every 4 years when it’s time to vote again for president, were seen limited by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The parties were practically unable to hold face-to-face events or establish the traditional posts where various affiliates and militants were dedicated to delivering brochures. encouraging people to register.

To this must be added that the state agencies to which the population used to resort to register, such as the Automotive Department, for example, have stayed closed for several months due to the need for isolation and social distance.

However, the unique nature of this election, which for many in the Democratic Party has taken on a “life or death” look, has prompted various actors to push the importance of voting.

In particular, large portions of the world of Hollywood and music can be cited, as well as NBA players during the playoffs that took place in Orlando, which turned the legend VOTE (Voten) into a message that they repeated constantly.


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