Elections in the US: Republicans resist in the Senate and reduce their disadvantage in the lower house

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Although final results were still awaited, Democrats did not make the breakthrough they hoped for in Congress. But they still control the House of Representatives.

The unexpected electoral resistance of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, also reached Congress where, although the final results were not known this Wednesday, Republicans seemed to have saved the Senate and reduced his disadvantage in the Lower House.

The polls that in recent weeks gave Democrats full control of Congress, keeping the Lower House and regaining the Senate six years later, appear to have been as wrong as those that predicted a wide advantage of the progressive candidate for the White House, Joe Biden.

Although the results are not definitive, Republicans are facing an unexpected scenario in which, with the control of the Senate, they can continue to support the course that Trump sets for the United States or block the initiatives promoted by Biden, should the Democrat arrive. for president.

Republicans started in Tuesday’s election with a lead of 53 to 47 senators, but Democrats had their eyes set on an ambitious offensive that combined moderate candidates in conservative states, governors or a former Air Force pilot, all of them very well. funded.

But plans didn’t go as planned. The leader of the Republicans in Congress, Mitch McConnell, was among the first to revalidate his position with a comfortable advantage. McConnell was followed by Lindsey Graham in South Carolina or John Cornyn in Texas.

“All I can say is this has been overwhelming. I have never been challenged like this, and I have never received more support than tonight,” Graham said after learning that he had defeated his Democratic opponent, who had more money than him.

They were also unable to seize the Senate seats by Montana, with popular Democratic Governor Steve Bullock as the candidate, or Iowa, making their ultimate victory increasingly difficult.

Republican senators saw like this vindicated the work they have done in recent years for Trump in the Upper House, including the recent controversial express confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as the new Supreme Court Justice.

On the other hand, the Democrats did manage to win with retired astronaut Mark Kelly the former position of the late John McCain in Arizona and with former Gov. John Hickenlooper, one in Colorado.

They lost, however, the Alabama seat they had taken two more years ago on the demerits of their Republican rival, an ultraconservative accused of sexual harassment of minors, than on their own merits.

On Wednesday afternoon, the ballot indicated an advantage of 48 senators for Republicans and between 46 and 47 for Democrats, according to sources. But the Democratic chances of winning a majority – 51 seats – seemed slim, as they were behind in all the scrutinies.

What did seem clearer, according to the projections of the US media, is that the Democrats will retain control of the House of Representatives and that their leader, Nancy Pelosi, will repeat as the third authority in the country.

With more than 30 seats still to be assigned, projections indicated that Democrats won by 208 and Republicans 191, according to data released by ABC News. To have the majority you need 218 seats.

Although the Democratic victory, when the recount is complete, will be predictably more bulky, Republicans have so far managed to snatch six seats that were from Biden’s party and thus curb the expansion that the Pelosi took for granted.

Democrats aspired to win up to 15 seats, but it will be difficult for them to maintain their current margin of 232 to 197, despite the millionaire campaigns in which they were involved.

Those who had no obstacles to revalidate their seats have been the four members of “The Squad” (“The brigade”), the popular young Democratic congressmen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley.


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