Elections in the US: Jair Bolsonaro says he hopes to go to the inauguration of a new term of Donald Trump

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The Brazilian president affirmed that he wants “with all his heart” for the Republican to win the presidential elections on November 3.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said Tuesday that he hopes to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump as the “reelected” president of the United States, in a new show of support for his Republican ally with two weeks to go before the presidential elections.

Both governments signed several protocols to strengthen their commercial relationship and Washington promised credits for 1 billion dollars for the telecommunications sector and 5G, in the hope that Brazil will ban China’s Huawei.

“God willing, I hope to appear for the inauguration of the president of the United States (who will be) re-elected shortly. I do not need to hide (my preference), it is something that comes from my heart and that I express at this moment because of the respect I have for the American people, and for Trump’s work and consideration for us, “the president said in Brasilia.

The so-called “tropical Trump”, which turned his alignment with Washington as a pillar of his diplomacy, made these statements during the visit to Brasilia by the US National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien, who stated that the United States and Brazil “are more united than ever.”

The far-right Brazilian president, who since he came to power has not hidden his support for conservative candidates in the elections in Argentina or Bolivia, tried for months to show some distance from the crucial US elections.

But three weeks ago he had a run-in with the Democratic candidate for the White House and favorite in the polls, Joe Biden, who in the first campaign debate threatened Brazil with economic consequences if it continues to deforest.

On that occasion, Bolsonaro warned that Biden’s “disastrous and gratuitous” declaration put at risk the “cordial coexistence” between the two largest economies on the continent.

Two days later, when the coronavirus diagnoses of Trump and his wife Melania were made public, the Brazilian president wished them a speedy recovery in the face of the “campaign for re-election.”

“You will win and be stronger, for the good of the United States and the world,” he said.

O’Brien’s visit is part of the Trump administration’s efforts to slow the advance of Chinese influence in the regionIn particular, due to the thorny issue of 5G (technology capable of providing very high-speed mobile internet), the latest chapter in the tension between China and the United States, Brazil’s first and second trading partner respectively.

Brazil plans to tender that technology in the first half of 2021. The option will be between the Chinese Huawei, which Trump accuses of serving the espionage of Beijing, and its rivals, including the European Ericsson and Nokia, supported by the US president.

This Tuesday, both delegations signed a memorandum in Brasilia for the Export-Import Bank (Exim Bank), a state development bank in the United States, to finance loans for 5.6 billion reais (about 1,000 million dollars at the current exchange rate) for the import of US goods and services.

After the signing, O’Brien said that these credits will go to imports “especially in the area of ​​telecommunications and the important modern 5G telecommunications network.”

On Monday, at the start of the visit of the US National Security Advisor, both governments signed three protocols (on trade facilitation, regulatory practices, and anti-corruption measures) that were incorporated into a bilateral agreement to deepen trade relations in force since the year past.

Analysts pointed out that Brazil wanted the protocol to be signed before the US elections, which generate uncertainty about the future of bilateral relations in the event that Biden wins.

Source: AFP


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