Elections in the US: Georgia announces a vote count and the result could be delayed until the end of the month

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It is one of the states disputed by Donald Trump and Joe Biden, where the difference is a handful of votes. The intrigue could last for weeks.

The state of Georgia, one of those that could define the result of the elections in the United States, that there will be a count of the votes in that territory given the tightness of the results, which may cause it to be unknown who won the presidency there until the end of November .

At a time of maximum expectation and tension over the results of the presidential elections, with Democrat Joe Biden leading with 253 electoral votes, very close to the 270-vote threshold to reach the White House, Georgia authorities said that for now the results in this state are very tight.

When they announced the count, this Friday morning, Biden led the count in the state by just 1,098 votes.

“With such a narrow margin, there will be a recount in Georgia,” the secretary of state of that southern state, Brad Raffensperger, told a news conference.

Georgia state law allows a vote count to be requested if the winning candidate’s margin of victory is less than 0.5%, and Biden’s lead over incumbent President Donald Trump for now is not even 0.1%. .

“This margin is literally less than the capacity of a large high school,” said the person in charge of the implementation of the voting system in Georgia, Gabriel Sterling, in the same press conference.

The recount will have to be formally requested by one of the two presidential candidates, But that cannot happen “until the election results have been certified” after an audit of the process, Sterling explained.

“We should know the result (of the elections) by the end of november“, calculated Sterling, although he clarified that that calendar could change if there is new litigation on the process of counting votes in the state.

However, Biden does not need to win in Georgia to win the 270 delegates to the Electoral College. that are required to secure the White House: if it prevails in Pennsylvania, where it also had a very slim advantage, it would already reach 284, according to the projections of the main media.

At 10 a.m. in Georgia there were still 5,500 votes to be counted in four counties in the state, in addition to another 8,890 ballots mailed by military deployed abroad who had not yet arrived in the territory, Raffensperger reported.

It is not clear how many of those 8,890 ballots will end up being counted, because only those that arrive at the electoral offices before the end of the working day this Friday will enter the calculation, he said.

One of the reasons the count has taken so long in Georgia is that some counties forgot to press the button to “upload” the results to the computer system, and they didn’t get to do it until Thursday or Friday, according to Sterling, a Republican like Raffensperger.

However, that official denied that there were any systematic problems in the scrutiny, and stressed: “We have not seen any generalized irregularities.”

The Trump campaign has unprovenly denounced fraud in several key states and on Wednesday filed a lawsuit to question the validity of some of the votes in Georgia, but a judge dismissed that complaint.

Source: AFP and EFE



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