Elections in the US: Donald Trump, closer to admitting defeat?

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The president spoke Friday from the White House. Although he did not mention the elections, he slipped: “Time will tell” if he continues to lead the government.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, did not speak of the elections of November 3 when he appeared Friday before the press at the White House to discuss the coronavirus vaccine. But a short sentence seemed to reveal that he could be close to admitting that he lost to Joe Biden. “Time will tell,” he said.

The Republican president, who still does not admit the victory of the Democrat, declared the winner last Saturday according to media projections based on official results, appeared in public for the first time in eight days to announce the imminent authorization of a vaccine against covid- 19.

“We are not going to confinement,” he promised, when the United States, which has more than 243,000 deaths from the coronavirus, experiences a record rebound in infections.

“Hopefully, what happens in the future, who knows what government it will be, I guess time will tell “he added.

Trump spoke shortly after the main media in the United States published the final data of the elections, in which Biden consolidated his victory, accumulating 306 votes in the 538-member Electoral College that chooses the president of the United States.

Ironically, it is the same number that gave Trump his surprising victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. The Republican mogul, by contrast, has now reached 232 of the 270 votes needed to become president.

The TV networks declared Biden the winner in Georgia, where the Democrats last won in 1992 with Bill Clinton, after doing so on Thursday in Arizona, in Republican hands since 1996. Trump added North Carolina.

“When will you admit to losing the election, sir?” Journalists shouted as Trump left the Rose Garden without comment.

Trump had not spoken publicly since Nov. 5, when he falsely claimed to have won and said the election had been “stolen” from him, as he did on election night itself. Since then, he has reiterated on Twitter his unfounded allegations of fraud and promoted lawsuits to challenge the results.

“This election was rigged!” He tweeted on Friday, after announcing that he could “try to pass and greet” his supporters at the event they were preparing for this Saturday in Washington to support their complaints.

That day, several groups under the slogans “Stop the robbery,” “MAGA’s Million March” (an allusion to Trump’s slogan, Make America Great Again) and “Women for America First” are scheduled to demonstrate at the capital.

But electoral authorities across the country said the elections were “the safest in history,” stressing that “there is no evidence” of lost or changed votes, or altered voting systems.

And on Friday, a Michigan judge issued another dismissal of allegations of fraud Republicans.

The horizon continued to darken for the president when Biden added congratulations from China.

But Trump and his surroundings seem to live in a parallel reality.

“The president will attend his own inauguration,” Trump’s press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said on Fox News. “When every legal vote is counted, President Trump will win,” he said.


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