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The deputies blame his electoral message, his zeal for health rather than the economy. And not understanding or being able to reach the Trump electorate.

Its majority was reduced. On Thursday, House Democrats blamed their electoral message, the background game and the leadership of President Nancy Pelosi’s team, after expectations of big victories fall apart for a severe setback in Trump’s country.

They focused too much on health care, when voters were also concerned about the economy.

They couldn’t fight back when the Republicans labeled them “socialists” aligned with the most liberal of the party.

They did not knock on the doors to meet with voters, but instead focused on phone calls, digital broadcasting and television commercials, due to the health risks of the campaign during the pandemic.

Latino voters lost in some places, and white working-class men in others.

Did not approve more COVID help through Congress when Americans needed it most.

And perhaps most importantly, Democrats are realizing that either the president Donald Trump is digitally elected, or is defeated by rival Joe Biden, they still have trouble understand and win over Trump voters.

Lawmakers unloaded during a group virtual call Thursday – Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger, after a tight election in Virginia, spoke with “passion” about the party’s campaign failures, according to a person familiar with that private call. who was guaranteed anonymity to debate.

The marathon call lasted three hours, with about 30 members who gave their views.

No one spoke out against Pelosi, who tried to remind them that, in fact, they won: Biden is about to replace Trump, and House Democrats are on track to maintain their majority, according to another person familiar with the call and who was granted anonymity to discuss it.

But there were many complaints, about faulty surveys, the announcements of Republican attacks, as the expectations of winning triumphs on election night rose to the sky and that made the setbacks even more disorienting.

Instead of strengthening their majority, as planned, the Democrats they lost a handful of legislators newcomers who had just won in a reaction against the president in the 2018 midterm elections. They also failed to swell their ranks, as Republicans defeated one Democratic challenger after another.

When asked what went wrong, a Democratic strategist granted anonymity to frankly go over the shortcomings of the list, saying: “All previous”.

Money, with a flood of campaign funds flowing to Democrats in an anti-Trump riot, was the only thing on their side. But money alone was not enough.

Key Democrats said the GOP attacks on them, labeling them “socialists” Savage, they are harmful, as are some of the party’s more liberal proposals.

They cited the “Defund the Police” movement calling for law enforcement resources to be shifted to social workers and other ways to resolve conflicts. This movement rose to prominence last summer after killings of blacks by police, including George Floyd, triggered a national trial on racial injustice. Democrats were also criticized this year for not having given enough support to Israel, for liberal proposals to aid the Palestinians.


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