Elections in the US: Biden talks about the coronavirus and Trump, about the apocalypse

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Trump paints an apocalyptic picture with Biden as president. The former vice-vice clings to the Achilles heel of his rival: managing the pandemic.

Last section. Last bullets for the November 3 elections in the United States. And the candidates hold on to his best rhetoric. Joe Biden talks about the president’s “horrible” handling of the pandemic. And Donald Trump talk about the apocalypse.

In the tense final days of a highly controversial US election, the specter of the coronavirus is omnipresent and Biden is focusing heavily on COVID-19, while Trump gleefully promises to “beat the virus” but prefers to talk about anything else. , if it is apocalyptic better.

Biden clarifies that he does not play with “false promises of being able to end this pandemic by pressing a button”, but assures that he will give priority to science if elected. He said that Trump’s handling of the pandemic it is an insult” for the victims. The United States has seen more than 227,000 confirmed deaths from viruses.

Trump paints an apocalyptic picture of life in America with Biden as president.

The suburbs would no longer be suburbs, the economy would sink into the worst depression of all time, and police departments would cease to exist. Even America’s older adults would be forced to figure out how to get by without heat, air conditioning, and electricity.

This is the apocalyptic version of American life that President Donald Trump claims would be the terrible consequence to hand over the White House to Democrat Joe Biden.

“I would bury them under piles of regulations, dismantle police departments, eliminate our borders, confiscate their weapons, end religious freedom, destroy residential suburbs,” Trump said in one of his many exaggerated pronouncements on Biden in recent weeks. of the Bell.

Trump often makes his warning about the fate of residential areas while showing his own resolve to end federal regulations governing the siting of low cost housing in the suburbs.

Campaign rhetoric can often turn on and hyperbolic as candidates compete for each possible advantage prior to the vote counting.

Experts say that instilling fear for the opponent is generally the main motivating factor for this type of speech when candidates seek to give voters a reason to put the check mark by which they are chosen on the ballot next to their name. .

“This is pure fear, fear that is supported by a particular kind of ignorance that only works if your listeners have that particular kind of ignorance“says Robin Lakoff, emeritus professor of linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, on Trump’s claims about Biden.

Trump made fear – particularly fear of immigrants – a major issue during his 2016 campaign. Now he is giving voters a list of implausible reasons to fear a presidency from their adversary.

“This election is a choice between RECOVERY WITH TRUMP or DEPRESSION WITH BIDEN,” the president tweeted, echoing what he says to his supporters at campaign events.

“It’s a choice between a BOOM WITH TRUMP or a BIDEN LOCKOUT. It’s a choice between our plan to kill the virus or Biden’s plan to kill the American dream.”

Trump has criticized Biden for saying he would listen to scientists and claims the Democrat would lock up the country. In reality, Biden has not said whether he would support large-scale shutdowns of the nation’s economy if things drastically worsened, as they did in March with much of the country.

“If you vote for Biden, that means there will be no children in schools, no graduations, no weddings, no Thanksgiving, not Christmas, not Independence Day together, “Trump said Wednesday during a rally in Goodyear, Arizona.


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