Elections in the United States: Trump claimed to be “immune” to the coronavirus and Twitter warns him for giving “misleading information”

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The president of the United States said it to demonstrate his strength in a campaign that is uphill. The controversy.

US President Donald Trump said Sunday that he is already “immune” to the coronavirus, in an effort to demonstrate his strength to fight his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, in the final stretch of the November 3 election.

It seems I’m immune, I don’t knowMaybe for a long time, maybe a short time, maybe for life. Nobody really knows, but I am immune, “he said in a telephone interview with Fox News.

“They have a president who is immune (…) Today they have a president who you don’t need to hide in your basement as his opponent, “added Trump, who is seeking a second term, referring to Biden.

Despite Trump’s claims, the issue of immunity to COVID-19 is still unclear.

In August, the World Health Organization warned regarding the coronavirus that “not yet have enough data to confirm whether the antibodies protect, what levels of antibodies are required, or how long the protection will last. “

That same month, Hong Kong researchers announced that they had discovered the first proven case of reinfection by covid-19 in the world, a few months after the patient’s recovery.

In a brief message Saturday night, doctor Sean Conley said there was no longer any risk of the president transmitting the virus to others.

“I anticipate a totally safe return of the president to his public commitments,” he wrote.

“Full and complete discharge of the White House doctors yesterday. That means I can’t have it (immune) and I can’t infect. Very good to know! “Trump tweeted on Sunday.

Shortly after, Twitter tagged that tweet with a warning for violating its rules in relation to the dissemination of misleading and potentially harmful information in relation to covid-19.

On Saturday, the president appeared at the White House for his first public act in front of his followers since the announcement of his infection.

The return to the campaign rallies is scheduled for this week, with an intense rhythm: on Monday he will do an act in Florida (southeast); on Tuesday, in the key state of Pennsylvania (northwest), and on Wednesday, in Iowa (center).

Trump was dealt with Regeneron, an experimental antibody cocktail which can give immunity for a few months when applied as a treatment rather than as a vaccine.

“In some cases, vaccines can last for decades. (But) if it’s obtained in the form of natural immunity, that’s not yet known,” Regeneron CEO Leonard Schleifer told CBS on Sunday.

“If you get it from our jar (…) probably [la inmunidad] last for months, “he said.

During the interview with Fox News, Trump, 74, also hinted that his Democratic rival, three years older, might be ill.


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