Elections in the United States: the thousand and one maneuvers of Donald Trump not to admit defeat against Joe Biden

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The strategy is now directed at the shadowy electoral boards that certify the votes, as the president and his allies seek to subvert the electoral process, sow chaos and perpetuate unfounded doubts about the count.

As it has come to nothing in Justice, the scattered effort of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, to annul the victory of president-elect Joe Biden He now addresses the dark electoral boards that certify the votesas Trump and his allies seek to subvert the electoral process, sow chaos and perpetuate unfounded doubts about the count.

The battle centers on the contested states that sealed Biden’s triumph.

In Michigan, two Republican election officials from the largest county in the state they refused to certify the results even though there was no evidence of fraud, then they backtracked and voted in favor of certifying and later on Wednesday, they turned around again and said they are still “against certification.” Some Republicans have urged campaign teams across the state to do the same. In Arizona, officials are reluctant to approve the poll in a rural county.

These actions do not reflect a coordinated effort in all the contested states that chose Biden, local election officials said. Instead, seem to be inspired by Trump’s incendiary speech on unsubstantiated fraud and being driven by Republican consent to outbursts against the country’s electoral system, while state and federal courts dismiss legal challenges from Trump and his allies.

Yet what happened in Wayne County, Michigan, on Tuesday and Wednesday was a haunting reminder of the disruption that may still ensue as the country goes through the process of confirming the outcome of the November 3 election.

The Trump Team’s Widespread Effort to Delay or Undermine Certification is unprecedentedaccording to University of Kentucky law professor Joshua Douglas.

“It would be the end of democracy as we know it,” said Douglas. “This is not something that can happen.”

Certifying the results is routine but also an important step after the electoral authorities have counted the votes, reviewed the procedures, verified that the votes were counted correctly and investigated the discrepancies. Typically, that certification is done by a local electoral board, and the results are later certified at the state level.

But as Trump has refused to acknowledge Biden’s victory and continues to falsely claim victory, this routine process has taken on new importance.

Among the key contested states, all counties in Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin have completed the first phase of certification of results. Except for Wayne County, that process has generally been smooth. Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia have yet to finalize local certifications.

So all eyes are on statewide certification.

In Wayne County, the two members of the Republican campaign initially refused to certify the vote, receiving praise from Trump, and then, faced with blanket condemnation, backtracked. A person with knowledge of the matter said Trump reached out to those people, Monica Palmer and William Hartmann, Tuesday night after the vote review to express his gratitude for their support. Then on Wednesday, Palmer and Hartmann signed affidavits saying they believed the county vote “It should not be certified.”

Trump’s time is running out. Across the country, judicial recount and questioning must end and the election results must be certified by December 8. That is the constitutional deadline before the Electoral College meeting that takes place the following week.

Matt Morgan, Trump’s campaign legal adviser, said last week that the campaign team was trying to hold off certification in contested states until it could have a better grip on scrutinies and see if it may qualify for automatic counts. Right now, Trump is requesting a recount in two Wisconsin counties, and Georgia is conducting a manual audit after Biden came out first by a narrow 0.3 percentage point margin, but in the state there is no mandatory count law. The law gives that option to a candidate who is second if the margin is less than 0.5 percentage points.

Some members of the Republican president’s orbit are hopeful that by delaying certification, the state legislatures Republican-controlled voters have the opportunity to select other voters, either by overturning Biden’s victory or sending it to the House of Representatives, where Trump would almost certainly win.

But most of the president’s advisers consider that to be a delusion. Trump’s team has been unable to organize even basic legal activities since the election, much less the large-scale political and legal apparatus that is needed to convince state legislators to try to subvert the will of their voters.


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