Elections in the United States: the most intimate photo in the celebrations of Joe Biden and his family

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It was published by Naomi Biden, the influential granddaughter of the president-elect.

Hours after the confirmation that Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States, having exceeded the 270 voters necessary to ensure victory over Donald Trump, the most intimate photo of the celebrations of the newly elected president was released.

It was Naomi Biden, the influencer granddaughter of the Democratic leader, who published the family photo on her social networks. There you see Joe Biden hugged by his family, smiling.

Shortly before, the same young woman had published a photo of Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, many years ago, and with the phrase: “they have come a long way together.”

Naomi emphatically defends her grandfather on the networks and has also done so by questioning Donald Trump in the last hours.

The family photo of the Bidens is one of the few moments of the president-elect’s privacy that were known after the victory in a historic election.

Another was the fragment of the talk he had with the vice-elect, Kamala Harris. “We did it, JoeHarris told him excitedly.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to deny defeat and insists from Twitter that he won the election and was a victim of fraud.

Trump spread those messages shortly after returning to the White House after playing golf in Virginia, outside Washington.

Earlier, through a statement, he had indicated “this election is far from over.” “Starting Monday, our campaign will begin to defend our case in court to ensure that electoral laws are fully enforced and the appropriate winner is proclaimed,” he said.


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