Elections in the United States: the long list of orders that the world prepares for Joe Biden

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Four years of leadership by outgoing President Donald Trump, who proposed to look inward and put America first, has generated pent-up global demand for a more committed and willing country.

Let’s think for a moment about what awaits the people who will handle Joe Biden’s presidential agenda.

Four years of leadership by outgoing President Donald Trump who proposed to look inward and put “America first” have generated accumulated global demand from a more committed and willing country.

The leaders of governments and world institutions are likely to knock on the doors of the White House and on e-mail boxes with a long list of priorities They want the United States to help them with, issues big or small, from climate change to taxes on internet businesses, with which the Trump administration often refused to collaborate.

Defeating the coronavirus pandemic and slowing the rise in global temperatures are top priorities for America’s partners. Beyond them, there is a dizzying array of other vital matters for specific regions and nations now waiting to be heard by the incoming government.

“Talk about climate change, trade, international security,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, listing Sunday in an interview with The Associated Press just some of the things you want to talk about.

“Many, many, many, many, many other issues.”

In general, there are high expectations of a White House that’s easier to work with and from which solutions arrive.

“The big difference will be in communication, that we return to treat each other with full respect as partners, as allies,” said Peter Beyer, a German lawmaker who coordinates the transatlantic contacts of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government, whose relationship with Trump never exceeded coldness. .

“El presidente Donald Trump he did not always differentiate between friend and foe. “

Here are some of the big issues that world capitals want Biden’s help on:

Stakeholders, from experts from the World Health Organization to doctors and nurses working on the front lines, argue that countries will defeat the coronavirus faster if they work together.

But it was not easy to convince Trump of that, whose presidency was partly damaged by its refusal to follow scientific recommendations. His government dealt a blow to global coordination by announcing the US withdrawal from the WHO.

Biden’s election immediately raised hope that the world now more easily benefits from US investments in treatment initiatives.

“You cannot have a country-by-country approach. A global approach is needed“Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, WHO chief scientific officer, told AP.

He said he hoped the United States would join a WHO-led project, the Covax Mechanism, which aims to deliver vaccines to the world’s most needy people.

Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director John Nkengasong also told the AP that has more expectations.


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