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There are still a few votes to count, but Biden was ready this Friday to be the next president of the world’s leading power.

The chats in the morning in the United States were burning: Is it over? It is done? No, it is still missing, but it is almost “game over”. After a night in suspense in the United States due to the dramatic narrowness of the results, Joe Biden turned the count around in Georgia and also in crucial Pennsylvania and practically buried Donald Trump’s chances of reaching the White House. A few votes have yet to be counted, but Biden was ready to be the next president of the world’s leading power.

Meanwhile, in an unprecedented event in this ancient democracy, the president keep protesting and tweeting at dawn, without proof, that his election has been stolen and that there has been fraud.

As the counting of votes in the mail progressed – mostly Democratic because they came from urban centers and people with fear of catching coronavirus – Biden already had several more options than Trump almost assured to get the votes. longed for 270 electoral votes, the magic number to win.

Americans couldn’t sleep staring at the screens and maps where all the numbers were displayed. The figure of Trump is not normal, it provokes idyllic love or instant rejection so for most of the country these elections were much more than a count.

Many were concerned about possible outbreaks of violence. Images came from voting centers surrounded by Trumpist protesters who shouted that they were stealing their election, as the president has been denouncing, and some excesses. But the riots they did not become older.

The final numbers are not yet there, but there is very little to count. In a final heart attack, after go down by up to 10 points At the beginning of the vote, Biden led Georgia by 1,097 votes and Pennsylvania by 5,587, where only 5% of the votes remained to be counted.

If the Democrat finally wins in these two states, as everything indicates that he will, his place in the White House is secured. It is estimated that Biden will increase the number even more because the votes that arrive are of mostly Democratic enclaves. That is why Biden’s confidence, although he will surely wait for the count to finish to take care of the forms and declare himself the winner.

So far Biden has 253 votes in the Electoral College and Trump 213. Biden’s eventual victory in Georgia would give him 16 votes, leaving him just one of the longed-for majority of 270. With Pennsylvania he would add another 20 and everything would be over. Without either of those two states Trump could not win.

It would be quite a milestone for him to win in Georgia, because no Democratic candidate has won in that state since 1992, when Bill Clinton did. The state is one of those that has been the subject of lawsuits by Donald Trump’s campaign team.

It is possible that we will have to wait a little longer to know a final result, or at least to know that of Pennsylvania, which with 20 electoral votes would give it automatic triumph to Biden, because there the votes arrived by mail would be counted until this Friday at 5 in the afternoon, 19 in Argentina. In Arizona there will be an update at 1pm; in Georgia, possibly at night.

There are also other states where it is still counted. In Nevada, the Democrat led by 11,438 votes. The same in Arizona with 47,052, which added many more options to win.

As the count progressed, Trump was furious to see that the first results that favored him changed with the passing of the hours and augured a dark outlook for him to renew his mandate. Despite the fact that beyond the result has made a very good choice, because he got 68 million votes (4 million more than in 2016), the president is not a man who likes lose nothing.

When his path to re-election seems to be narrowing, Trump has already presented since Thursday unsubstantiated accusations electoral fraud to falsely argue that his rival was trying to seize power. From the White House he said that “this is a case in which they are trying to steal an election, they are trying to manipulate an election.” Even the main TV networks in the United States they took it out of the air for providing false information.

He also filed lawsuits in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arizona to recount or stop voting. But in several states their requests were rejected and few here estimate that these resources will prosper because irregularities have not been seen that complaint and observers of the election said that they had been correct and transparent. You just had to wait to tell the inordinate amount of votes by mail.

But Trump was still tweeting early last night against the Democrats and was still haranguing his supporters. “WE WILL WIN!” He wrote. “We will easily win the presidency of the United States when the LEGAL VOTES are counted. They did not let the OBSERVERS let them do their job ”. And he said that the Supreme Court of justice will go.

As he issued the messages, Twitter hung a tag for “misleading content” about civic process. Then Trump grabbed it with the social network and tweeted that “Twitter is out of control.”


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