Elections in the United States: “I look forward to speaking with you,” Joe Biden’s invitation to Donald Trump after allegations of fraud

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The president-elect said it was a shame that Donald Trump did not acknowledge his defeat.

Exactly four years ago Barack Obama He welcomed Donald Trump, who had won the elections, to the White House to begin the transfer of power in a friendly way, a historic routine in the United States. Although they did not get along, they all took care of the forms. But nothing is the same in these times where the transition has turned into incredible chaos: Trump continues to claim that he won the November 3 elections, increased his judicial offensive against an alleged fraud and now added the support of the great figures of the party. On the other hand, President-elect Joe Biden said Tuesday that it was “a shame” that Trump did not acknowledge his defeat and publicly exclaimed, “Mr. President, I look forward to speaking with you.”

Trump finally had an endorsement that he expected, but was delayed. After three days of ambiguity, the Republican Party broke the silence and came out in support of the outgoing president and his allegations of electoral fraud.

“President Trump is 100% within his right to examine allegations of wrongdoing and weigh his legal options,” said Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. “No sermons on how the president should immediately accept and with joy the election results preliminaries coming from the same characters who have spent the last four years refusing to accept the validity of the last elections ”. A very different message from former Republican President George W Bush, who congratulated Biden on his victory.

The Trump campaign has already launched several legal appeals in states such as Nevada, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsyvlania with the aim of contesting the results but – at least for now – nothing has been successful because no evidence has been found but isolated complaints. Experts point out that, although in some places some irregularities were found, it would not be enough to turn the result around.

But the efforts of his lawyers were encouraged by a move by Justice Minister Attorney General William Barr, who instructed his officers on Monday to investigate any suspicions of “Irregularities in the vote count” before states certify the results. In general, the ministry should not intervene until after the results are certified.

In another measure endorsing Trump’s judicial offensive, Republican state attorneys general asked the Supreme Court to review the September ruling that endorsed Pennsylvania state law that allows votes received up to three days after the election, but stopped open the possibility of reexamining the case. The authorities of this state, where Biden had about 45,000 more votes than Trump, affirm that the volume of votes received in that period it was very limited and it has no capacity to alter the result. But it certainly serves to muddy the stage.

Faced with this complicated outlook, Biden has sought to move on and begin the transition. He spoke with leaders like Angela Merkel from Germany; Emmanuel Macron, from France, and Boris Johnson, from the United Kingdom, among other leaders. “I am telling you that the United States is back. We are back in the game,” he told a news conference. And he also focused on the fight against the coronavirus and the future of the health law.

But it is not easy. Biden said that Trump’s reluctance to acknowledge defeat was “frankly a shame,” although “we have already begun our transition,” and that the American people “You will know and understand that there has been a transition” because there is no “evidence” about electoral fraud.

In his view, members of the Republican Party who refuse to accept his victory in the elections are “intimidated” by Trump. And when asked by a reporter what he would say to the mogul if he were seeing it, Biden replied, looking at the camera and smiling: “Mr. President, I look forward to speaking with you.”

Consulted by Clarion, Matthew Dellek, Professor of Political Science at George Washington University on the position of the Republican party in this chaotic scenario, said that “Trump received more than 70 million votes and the vast majority of Republican elected officials know that he is the leader even after their defeat, and they will need to find a way to earn their blessing while trying to make your own way”.

Dellek, who is an expert on elections in the United States, added that Senate leader McConnell came out to endorse the outgoing president “because he wants to keep the Trump base excited about the possibility of keeping both Georgia Senate seats in the hands of the party. . McConnell should know that there is no fraud in the elections, but he is so cynical that he is willing to cover up Trump’s lies in order to keep the majority of the Senate. “

In Georgia, Biden won by just 11,419 votes. But the relevance of that state extends even further: on January 5 the elections to elect the senator will be repeated because none of the candidates has reached the threshold of 50% of votes. They are two fundamental seats: if the Democrats manage to win both, they would equal the Republicans in the Senate. The Constitution provides that in case of a tie at 50-50 is the vice president, that is, vice president-elect Kamala Harris, who has the deciding vote. Having a Democratic majority in this house (they already control that of Representatives) would greatly facilitate Biden’s task and would put the Republicans out of the game.

On the possibility that the intervention of Minister of Justice Barr could change the scenario, the electoral expert was blunt: “No. Barr has shown himself, once again, as a political agent for Trump, rather than as an honest and independent mediator of political pressure. There is no evidence of any real fraud and certainly nothing has been found that could nullify the election results. “

Asked about the future of Trump and his movement, Dellek noted: “Of course Trumpism is not going to go away. The question is what Trumpism will be like and what will happen to it without Trump in power. Much depends on how Biden does. If it is popular and successful in controlling the pandemic and rebuilding the economy, the Republican Party must think and reconfigure how to maintain its Trumpist bases while at the same time winning support in the white suburban voter. “


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