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Fifty-one percent of state voters plan to vote for the Democrat in the November 3 elections, while 45% will vote for Donald Trump, according to a poll released by the University of North Florida.

51% of voters in Florida he plans to vote for Democrat Joe Biden in the elections next November while 45% opts to reelect President Donald Trump, according to a poll released Tuesday by the University of North Florida (UNF). In the 2016 election, the current president prevailed there.

“This large six-point gap between the candidates is likely attributed to the immediate aftermath of the debate“said Michael Binder, director of the UNF Public Opinion Research Laboratory.

The survey maintains the upward trend of recent days for the former vice president of Barack Obama (2009-2017), who this Monday visited Miami in search of improving his performance with Hispanics, especially Cubans, the most reluctant to vote for him in South Florida a key state in the presidential elections.

Biden leads the Republican today by an average of 9.2 points in national opinion polls, according to the specialized portal Real Clear Politics, but in Florida that distance is only 2.3 points in favor of the former vice president.

The university specified that the survey was conducted with 3,142 voters from both parties after the first presidential debate on September 29 and before the Trump administration disclosed that the president was infected with COVID-19 on October 1.

When asked if they agreed that the election results on November 3 will be fair and trustworthy, 86% of Democrats agree that the results will be fair, compared to just 58% of Republicans.

However, overall, 72% said they somewhat or strongly agreed, while 28% said they did not agree.

Binder said the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, following the recent death of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, combined with concerns about the integrity of the elections in general, highlights “the important political role that the courts play in this country.”

“The fact that the appointment of a Supreme Court justice was opened just weeks before the elections, and that is not the main story, it just shows how crazy 2020 is“he added.

In that sense, 52% stated that they would like the candidate who wins the election to nominate the replacement for Ginsburg after being sworn in in January and 42% said that they would like the Senate to confirm Barrett before the elections.

On the other hand, immigration is more important to Hispanic respondents, with 25% stating that they would only vote for a candidate who share their views, compared to 23% of white respondents and only 9% of black respondents.

Among voters overall, only 22% said they would vote for a candidate who shared their views on immigration, while 72% noted that it was just one of many factors to consider.

Source: EFE



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