Elections in the United States: Donald Trump’s speech last night, shocking but expected

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In Washington they estimate that “not even in his darkest day”, Nixon would have attacked democracy in such a way.

It was at the same time shocking and completely to wait. As the United States held its collective breath and awaited the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, President Donald Trump took the podium at the White House on Thursday and made a full frontal attempt to undermine the integrity of the vote, which was leaning toward the address of Democrat Joe Biden.

The president had spent months laying the groundwork for that moment. Repeatedly had questioned the validity of vote-by-mail ballots. He had removed election officials from Democratic states and cities as political stunts. And he had demanded in advance that the results be known election day, which is never a fact.

All this has circulated through the conservative echo chamber for months. And it contradicts the truth about How are they carried out elections in the United States, where voter fraud is extremely rare.

But while Trump’s tirade was in line with his past misstatements about the US elections, it was still a milestone to hear the US president analyze so thoroughly the conduct of a US election in real time, which provoked a new anxiety on the prospects for a peaceful transition of power.

“On his darkest day, Richard Nixon I would never have attacked democracy as Donald Trump has now, “John Dean, who served as Nixon’s attorney in the White House, told the AP.” Faced with the potential to lose, Trump has embarrassed himself and it has fouled the American presidency. God save us when I really lose. “

And that was the real question going forward: How far will Trump take things if the election ends in his defeat?

And how many of the millions of Americans who voted for him they will accept their false narrative of a stolen election?

The president warned the nation in advance that it might not end well, telling reporters at noon on Election Day: “Losing is never easy, not for me it is not.”

Historian Michael Beschloss framed this as a moment of truth not just for Trump but for other prominent officials, suggesting that history would not look favorably on those who look the other way.

“One of the worst things any president could do is to lie and exacerbating deep national differences to further their own selfish interest, “Beschloss tweeted just after Trump completed his statement.

“Always remember who aided and instigated this abuse of presidential power, and those who tried to stop it“he continued, highlighting Vice President Mike Pence’s claim that he supports the president and wants” every LEGAL vote “to be counted.

Democrats spoke out against Trump in chorus, led by Biden, who emphatically tweeted after the president’s performance: “No one is going to take away our democracy. Not now, not never “.

Some of the usual suspects spoke from the Republican side.

“There is no defense for the president’s comments tonight that undermine our Democratic process,” said Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan, a frequent critic of Trump. “The United States is counting the votes and we must respect the results as we always have.”

Former Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, another Trump detractor, placed the onus on his fellow Republicans to do the same.

“No Republican should agree with the president’s statements at this time. Unacceptable. Period, ”he tweeted.


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