Elections in the United States: Donald Trump played golf and Joe Biden went to mass the day after the results were announced

Neither of them made statements and, for now, they have not been shown in public either, except for the appearance of the Democratic leader in the Wilmington, Delaware church.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, visited his golf course this Sunday in Sterling, Virginia, near Washington, for the second day in a row after the announcement of his loss to Joe Biden in the US presidential election.

Golf fan, Republican president was already on the greens when the American media they projected on Saturday that he could no longer catch up with Democrat Joe Biden, who became the president-elect of the United States after the November 3 election.

Donald Trump does not acknowledge his defeat and says, without supporting evidence, that the election is marked by irregularities.

On the trip from the White House to Sterling, Trump was able to see Americans waving hostile signs as his caravan passed. And the day before, joyous crowds had taken to the streets of major American cities to celebrate their defeat.

Joe Biden, for his part, attended church Sunday morning in his town of Wilmington, in Delaware. A practicing Catholic, he regularly attends mass.

Hours after Biden gave his victory speech this Saturday from Wilmington (Delaware), Trump still avoided commenting on it.

Biden, who was a former vice president between 2009 and 2017 with then-President Barack Obama, introduced himself in that speech. as the conciliatory leader that will seek to end polarization in the country.

Previously, Trump had insisted that the elections were “far from over” and promised a legal offensive against his allegations, without evidence, of electoral fraud.

Historically, once the media projects the final result, after a few hours the defeated person usually calls the victorious candidate to congratulate him.

However, it seems that Trump, who has been characterized by not following the political traditions of Washington, does not plan to admit defeat in the short term.

Beyond the crossroads of impeachments, cities where there is a Democratic majority, such as Washington, New York or San Francisco they became a whole party on Saturday, with rivers of people flooding its streets and shouting “Trump, you are fired”, the mythical phrase that the tycoon uttered on the television program “The Apprentice”.

The projection of Biden’s triumph came after almost four days of agonizing wait, as the states counted the record of ballots sent by mail in the elections with the most participation in the history of the country.

Source: AFP and EFE



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