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Relations between the EU and the US are at a minimum. Brussels hopes that the November results will remove Trump from the White House, save for three countries. Which are?

The institutions of the European Union and the main foreign ministries of the bloc have been in relations with the United States for months to the minimum possible, almost frozen. Now they are patiently counting the days until next Tuesday and waiting for the electoral count kick out to Donald Trump, the American president who worst relationships it has had with Europeans practically since the United States was born.

Trump ha sido toxic for Europe. The two main economies on the planet (if we count the EU as a whole, its GDP is greater than the US and the Chinese) since the arrival of Trump have been embroiled in an increasingly complicated trade war. Trump threatened to remove his country from NATO, the umbrella of European security, and even called European governments “criminals” for not spending more on Defense.

The United States, in the last four years and just to name the main frictions, abandoned the Paris Climate Agreement, supported the first exit of an EU Member State with ‘Brexit’ and broke the nuclear agreement that Europeans saw as the successful way to curb the nuclear temptations of the Tehran regime without provoking a war that would have destabilized the entire Middle East.

Trump has sometimes said that the European Union was founded to Take advantage of the United States and has always tried to negotiate bilaterally with Europeans one by one and not through the EU, so that relations were not equal to equal but from top to bottom. Europeans have been able to resist, defending agreements such as the climate one, seeking alternatives to the nuclear agreement with Iran, and retaliating for trade whenever the United States imposed new tariffs.

Trump has been supporting more or less openly to all the European ultra-rightists, from the Dutch Geert Wilders to the Spanish Santiago Abascal through the French Marine Le Pen or the Italian Matteo Salvini, who lately walks with a chinstrap that says “Trump 2020”.

Abascal repeats Trump expressions such as “The Chinese virus” and he would like to see Spain leave the EU, the WTO, the WHO, the Unesco, organizations that he considers “destroy the family and encourage abortion and pedophilia”.

The US Republican Party invited a delegation of deputies and MEPs to follow, from October 30 to November 4, the US elections. All the members of that delegation They are from far-right parties: the French Jordan Bardella, the Estonian Jaak Madison, the Danish Peter Kofod Poulsen and the Austrians Georg Mayer and Harald Vilimsky.

24 of the 27 governments of the European Union would applaud the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden. NATO, according to sources from its headquarters in Brussels, is already preparing, if the epidemiological situation allows it, an extraordinary summit to greet Biden in March, possibly coinciding with the European Union summit at the end of that month.

Only three European governments prefer a victory for Donald Trump: the Hungarian, the Polish and the Slovenian. The three that currently have executives that we could consider “illiberal”: that of the nationalist Viktor Orban, that of the ultraconservative, that of the ultraconservative Andrej Duda and that of the populist Janez Jansa.

Orban has already said that he expects Trump’s victory “because we know well the foreign policy and imperialism of the Democratic administrations.” Orban’s liberal drift in Hungary always had an answer in US diplomacy during the Barack Obama years, but with Donald Trump, the United States is silent before a prime minister who swept the critical media, forced the exile of the main private university of the country and now advancing against the judges.

Poland is experiencing a similar situation. The Barack Obama White House had been clear against the Polish drift, which has judicial independence against the ropes and now begins to attack the media that do not follow the current. The ultra-conservative Polish government has always sided with Trump and its only friction has centered on the relationship with Russia, which for Warsaw should be as distant and harsh as possible.

The Slovenian case is different because his bet on Trump seems new and a personal decision of his populist Prime Minister Janez Jansa. Last Friday, Jansa wrote on her Twitter account: “I respect Joe Biden’s difficult and tragic personal life and some of his political achievements from years ago. But today, if elected, it would be one of the weakest presidents of history when a free world needs a stronger America than ever. Come on, Donald Trump! ”.

Headlines of the prestige of ‘Economist’ or ‘Financial Times’ have been wondering for years if the nickname of “leader of the free world”, traditionally awarded to the tenant of the White House, had not been transferred during these years to a European woman, Angela Merkel.

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