Elections in America: Why Does the Kamala Harris-Mike Pence Debate Matter?

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They debate tonight at 23 Argentine time. Seven questions to know.

The traditional debate between vice president candidates in the United States, with a view to elections November, will have this Wednesday a special aspect: that President Donald Trump is infected with the coronavirus. This adds a juicier look to the first and only duel between his running mate, Mike Pence and Democrat Kamala Harris.

But there are more questions to answer and explain why this debate is important, after the scandal that arose from the Trump-Joe Biden duel, which took place between Chicanas and interruptions. A piece of paper.

In one corner is Kamala Harris, the woman who aspires to be the first vice president in history.

The 55-year-old senator from California is a tenacious interrogator in Congress, a hardened former attorney, who tends to tear to witnesses who are called to answer questions at Senate hearings.

On the other side is Vice President Mike Pence, an unflappable Republican who seldom wrong faced with intense questioning from the media.

Pence, 61, soft-spoken and deeply religious, is a Christian from Indiana. Mike Pence has been a pillar of loyalty towards their boss for four years and they have walked in unison on almost every issue and every controversy.

Vice-presidential debates rarely matter to many. They are a “show” that passes by. It’s not too worrying for historians, either, but this year’s election campaign drama could heighten interest.

The fact that Trump has coronavirus reminded the public that this time the two presidential candidates are the oldest in history. This gives more prominence to the vices, who will ultimately end up taking the reins of the country, if their bosses fall ill or die. First in the line of succession, Pence and Harris are aware that they must present themselves as ready to fill the position most important in the world.

This debate could even be the last of the campaign, depending on whether Trump can return to participate in a second duel with Pence, while still convalescing.

In fact, the Brookings Institution called it the vice presidential debate. most important in history, as the BBC recalls.

It’s this Wednesday, at the University of Utah, in Salt Lake City. It begins at 9 p.m. and ends at 10:30 p.m. Eastern time in the United States, that is, between 11 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. in Buenos Aires.

Several North American chains will transmit it live. It can also be followed on Clarin.com.

The organizers of the debate are aware that President Trump could have been contagious during the first debate and potentially infected Joe Biden and moderator Chris Wallace (although both they have tested negative until now), so they don’t want to make mistakes like this again.

The Committee on Presidential Debate agreed to seat Kamala Harris and Mike Pence to 3.6 meters away, in front of the 2 meters of the presidential debate.

There will also be a lucky plexiglass protection between the stage and the candidates. The maximum of assistants will be 200 people in the Kingsbury Hall of the University of Utah.

Should not. Pence and Harris are tough but always polite, so the chances of it being as disgusting and disturbing as Cleveland are slim to none.


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