Elections in a troubled river, by Rafael Vilasanjuan

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A Donald Trump propelled him to the White House the discontent of the most popular layers of the white population, an extreme nationalism under the idea that American greatness is maintained from the frontiers inward and a murky russian plot that he himself has been in charge of covering up as new revelations appeared. Despite these interference – it seems that no minor – no one doubted his victory, the red carpet was unfolded for him to enter the oval office without fault. The question now is how many of those factors will remain decisive for his re-election.

We know what has happened to the policy of putting only on the table the interests of the United States as if there were no world outside, that moves and generates new alliances. In these four years, tribal nationalism has advanced throughout the world in the shadow of the first world power; China has grown bigger, more powerful, and has launched its networks in Africa and Latin America; Putin’s Russia already muscular in the style of the leader, arrogantly returning to the center of the global agenda and dominating much of the relations in the Middle East.

None of this will entice the mostly white majority with no college education to cut off the leader’s therapy. But at the moment when the polls give him a much lower acceptance than any of his predecessors in a reelection, perhaps foreign interference with the revelation that Iran and Russia have obtained voter data to interfere again in the election can help.

As the hinge states point to the side of Joe BidenTrump has never tired of repeating, without any evidence, that voting can be rigged, that postal ballots point to widespread fraud, and that the only way he can be defeated is if his opponents cheat. It is true that polls can fail – but all? In part that happened in the last election when Trump defeated Hillary ClintonBut no less true is that with a president like this, why put ballot boxes, if he already knows that he is the chosen one? Perhaps that is the strategy, suppressing the sure vote that Trump wins: any allegation of fraud it goes in that direction.

The FBI revelation that Iran and Russia are trying to influence the campaign comes just as the Americans are already walking to the polls. Who can this interference favor? The meaning of emails and messages on the networks seek further polarize a society divided along the axis. There is still hidden information about how they have obtained the data and what purpose they are pursuing. But it is evident that the two countries want a progressive decline of the first power and a government at the extreme, closer to their understanding of power, makes them much happier. From what American intelligence has revealed, the threat does not affect the security of the elections, but there are those who only know how to fish when the river is rough.



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