Election update: Trump deviates from party course and Biden calls on Obama

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Welcome to your daily update leading up to the US presidential election on November 3rd. With 12 days to go, we look at Republicans and Joe Biden’s lack of discipline, using his former boss and former President Barack Obama to win votes for him.

Trump and his party are not aligned

With the elections approaching, the Republican Party thought it had two trumps in its hands to deal a blow to Biden. For example, Republicans accuse Democrats of blocking a new US corona support package in the Senate and of drastically reforming the Supreme Court when Biden comes to power.

But as is often the case, US President Donald Trump determines his own strategy. In recent days, he has focused his arrows on CBS interviewer Lesley Stahl. The president walked away furiously during a conversation with the American journalist in the interview program on Tuesday evening 60 Minutesbecause, according to Trump, Stahl was biased and he didn’t like the questions.

In addition, the president attacked his corona advisor Anthony Fauci and said his justice minister William Barr should investigate an unconfirmed story about the business practices of Biden’s son Hunter Biden. In between, the president hailed the support of rapper 50 Cent, who hailed the tax policy Biden promises and tweeted then vote for Trump.

It shows, according to some Republican senators, that Trump and the party are often not aligned. According to Republican Senator John Cornyn in Texas, the Republican camp is currently lacking discipline. “The president has a great track record, but we don’t hear much about it. In my view, that cannot be the intention,” he tells Politico.

According to Republican Senator John Thune in South Dakota, the things presidential candidates are concerned with are not necessarily the things that affect voters. “If you want to win over floating voters, you have to talk about the issues that matter to them, such as the economy, national security and the coronavirus,” said Thune.

Trump’s fans at an election rally in North Carolina. (Photo: ANP)

A US Senate Committee on Thursday paved the way for a quick vote to appoint Amy Coney Barrett as the ninth judge of the US Supreme Court. The outcome was expected, as Democratic committee members boycotted the vote. They believe that no new chief justice should be elected so shortly before the elections.

When Coney Barrett takes the seat of the recently deceased high judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, six of the nine judges will be conservative. That will have far-reaching consequences for how the political wind will blow in the country in the coming decades, as high judges in the United States serve for life.

However, Biden is not yet ready to say whether he will add more judges to the Court if he is elected president. He made that statement on Thursday during a question time with voters in Philadelphia. Biden said he will keep his options open but promised to clarify his plans with the Supreme Court ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

In the same Pennsylvania, Obama came to the rescue of his former vice president by lashing out at Trump. According to Obama, Trump has shown “no interest in doing his job or helping anyone other than himself and his friends for the past four years. This is not a reality show,” Obama said.



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