El sainete de Donald Trump

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The magnate’s insistence on not recognizing the results of the elections slides him into ridicule, erodes the position of opposition leadership that he intends to move forward and contaminates his country’s own world image with grotesques.

If the story goes from drama to comedy, in the case of Donald Trump it seems inevitably skid into the skit or the antics. The tycoon’s fight to claim a victory that has not existed, while the advantage that consolidates Joe Biden is widened, is hanging him in a window that, like those other derivations, ridiculous is already around.

A few hours ago, he reacted with anger with part of his lawyers who are withdrawing from the cases, particularly in Arizona, which the president intends to carry out to question the elections in the crucial states that he started winning but lost due to the flood of votes by mail. With that strategy, to call it benevolent, Trump is in some danger that he will end up shooting himself in the foot, eroding the power he intends to hold forward to. “Demolish the Biden government”, according to the forecast of his current enemy and former national security adviser John Bolton.

That grotesque is what his son-in-law Jared Kushner and his daughter Ivanka, who head the more realistic wing of the Oval Room with the argument that the president should already go backwards towards a certain rationality, accepting what the polls have determined. But Trump embraces the other wing, the one led by his bizarre lawyer, Rudy Giuliani and his sons Donald Jr and Eric, who encourage him to a fight in which according to them there is still opportunity.

There isn’t. The maneuver in last instance always tried that the tycoon retained as his own the barrage of votes that he obtained on November 3 to control the Republican party from now on. There is a secondary, but central objective in that game as well, which is to maintain the tension for the crucial elections for the two Senate seats in Georgia on January 5 that can determine that the Democrats win control of that chamber or that they tie or that don’t get it.

In the last 30 years no government started without that wealth of legislative power. Democrats maintain control of Deputies but lost seats and it is not clear that they will be able to advance in the Senate; gaining an advantage there would alleviate the foreseeable difficulties to carry out not only the appointment of the cabinet but also the central negotiations to right the country.

Even with that panorama, that strategic yes, the perception in the current ruling party is that this construction has been exceeded, threatening consequences worse than the benefit that it is trying to obtain. The military already had to hold his hand not to launch an attack on Iran, and that is only part of what is known of what he intends in the ephemeral period that he has left in the White House.

The CNN quoted Republican donor Dan Eberhart of Arizona as summarizing this bitter and unusual tale in a resounding way: “I see Trump’s world as a melting ice cube.” A sector of the party, not so silent, is betting that this deterioration will destroy not only Trump’s world of illusions, but also the tycoon himself. It is interesting, in that sense, the silence of the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, who had supported the legal fight of the president, but that did not answer now when asked if he associated with Trump’s persistent clamor that he had won the election.

From ridiculous to pathos there is a short way. If this controversial president continues with this maneuver, which has a language so in line with Latin American anti-democratic caudillismo, it is much more than likely that his figure will deteriorate effectively dragging, not only his alleged figure of foreman, but the entire party structure. And that is because the country has serious problems that cannot be solved in a child player.

One of those problems is extremely intimate for his party, it involves recovering the identity that he has lost and that Trump threatens to pulverize. A demagogic leader is already a difficulty, but turned into the laughing stock of the world it is too demanding a cost. In particular by the damage that this sainete is causing to the country, aggravating the loss of leadership, respect and advocacy capacity. It is not just a Democratic drama.



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