El Chino Maradona, after going to Diego’s wake: how are Dalma and Gianinna and their desire on the Ten

One of the nephews of the Ten gave details of the ceremony that he shared with the inner circle.

The Chinese Maradona, Diego’s nephew, referred to his uncle’s death on Thursday, described the moment the family is going through as “unimaginable” and gave details of the intimate wake he shared with the inner circle of Ten.

“It’s a nightmare … I was looking at him and wishing he would wake up. To me it looked like I was sleeping”, He told about his feelings when he fired Diego, who died on Wednesday due to respiratory failure.

In dialogue with Us in the morning, on Channel 13, El Chino, one of the star’s sisters, said that she was reunited with her cousin Jony espósito, who in the last time was part of Diego’s most intimate circle and who accompanied him in Tigre’s house.

“He was one of the most affected because lately he was next door. We hugged each other tightly and cried. Later there will be time to talk about what happened yesterday. My cousins ​​(Dalma and Giannina) are destroyed. I hugged them and that’s it. It is the only thing that can be done at that time. There is no consolation, there are no words … “, he added.

El Chino also told how he found out about the news of the death: “I had gone out to buy some things for my business. When I arrived my wife was there who told me: ‘Your uncle! Your mother doesn’t answer me!’ He didn’t say anything to me, he didn’t want to say it out of the blue. He started to cry, he explained to me and I tried to contain my calm and talk to someone who would tell me the truth. “

It was Claudia Villafañe, whom he continues to call “aunt”, who confirmed the worst.

Walter Machuca -his real name- is the son of Rita Maradona, popularly known as “Kits”. He had been estranged from Diego since 2014 by a family intern that was unleashed when the former footballer began his relationship with Rocío Oliva, since he had a friendship with Verónica Ojeda.

“My mom is devastated. It was broken. With the help of my wife and my daughters, we tried to contain her, to call her all the time. This year she has been slapping him slap after slap (NdR: her husband, Raúl Machuca, died of coronavirus in August). He is hitting my mother a lot, “he said.

Asked if he regrets having distanced himself from Diego in recent years, Machuca reflected: “I would have liked to see him alive, but it happened that way. That’s it, I’m not going to say that I regret it because it was picking up the phone, talking to him and I didn’t. At that moment it was perhaps a bad decision, a wrong one, but a decision at last. As my wife says: ‘Life is a second’. And I didn’t know how to take advantage of it. “

Instead, he chose to remember the good moments he shared with his uncle: “The coexistence of 2014, the day to day, the treatment, preparing a mate, breakfast, anything to eat. Those things remain in my memory forever. Beyond everything he gave me, I’ll stick with how simple he liked, the simplicity. “




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