El Chavo celebrates 50 years with his own currency

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The collection will be called “Coining traditions” and will include all the characters from the neighborhood created by Gómez Bolaños.

In 2021, El Chavo del 8 will turn 50 years of its first chapter and, as part of the festivities, the Mint of Mexico will present a collection of coins with the emblematic characters created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

“The objective of the collection is to preserve the legacy of Chespirito and exalt Mexican traditions by encouraging the custom of numismatics in children,” said Esther Calvo Domínguez, director of marketing at La Casa de Moneda.

The official also explained that this collaboration with the Chespirito Group is expected be well received by fans of the show not only in Mexico, but also in the United States and Latin America.

“We made this alliance because we feel that it is an icon of many Mexican generations. First the idea of ​​a medal arose, but then we came to the conclusion that we wanted to combine our traditions and it was when we proposed this collection to unite people with some symbols of our identity as Mexicans, ”said Calvo Domínguez.

In addition, he added that, originally, the title of the project was to be “That, that, that is Mexico” and then it was “Coining traditions.”

“It was not possible to put that first name because the Chespirito Group has its slogans of ‘that’ for other things. We wanted to do it in a barrel-shaped case, but Roberto (Gómez Fernández, son of Gómez Bolaños) told us that the phrase ‘Chespirito’ cannot be put next to the barrel because of some brand elements that they handle ”, he explained.

The collection will come in a pyramid-shaped case and each character will be part of a medal with a traditional Mexican object.

“A taco al pastor, the wooden top, the mariachi, the balero, the organ grinder … Things that Mexicans have suddenly stopped using or seeing and that foreigners do not know. To be able to permeate that Mexico is Chespirito and that Mexico is traditions ”, he commented.

The Chavo collection will be assembled at the Numismatic Museum in Brownsville, Texas, which can be viewed virtually.

In addition to the collection of “Coining traditions”, which will have an initial print run of a thousand sets, the Mint is preparing a special Chapulín Colorado medal.

At the moment there are no details of when the collection will be available and how much it will cost.

El Chavo del 8, it is clear, is always present in the memory of the public.

In August, the disappointment was great when it was announced that the Televisa network was going to stop broadcasting the Gómez Bolaños programs.

His son, however, clarified that he is not resigned and continues to negotiate for the episodes to be on open television again.

“I’m not going to rest until the Chespirito series is back on the air. We have not reached an agreement, it is a complex scheme that has to do with Televisa and my family, I recognize that Televisa has been in a very complicated circumstance, it is reinventing itself ”, explained the producer.

At the same time, and although he did not advance details, Gómez Fernández commented that he’s also working on a biopic about his father.


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