El ‘after-hours’ de Trump en Miami

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The entire Miami party was concentrated this Sunday on the esplanade of the Opa Locka airport. As the city lowered its blinds, with more than 4,000 deaths from the pandemic and a rebound of 8,000 cases this week, this corner of the north was celebrating the after-hours from Donald Trump. The fifth rally of a hectic day of an intense weekend, which began almost around midnight on Sunday and continued for an hour and a half. Hundreds of followers moved their hands from one side to the other to dance the salsa anthem that asks for the vote in their name. selfis and greeted him like a rock star coming down from Air Force One. “My God, how many people,” commented the president as he took the stage. The show had just started.

“They say they close at 12, but I don’t think so, right?” He asked sarcastically to an euphoric crowd. “I assure you they will not.” Cries of “we love you” responded to the recklessness of the president who demonstrated this Sunday once again that the pandemic was not going to stop his last attempt to conquer Florida, one of the key states that can give him re-election. Without the 29 electoral votes of this entity (of the 270 that a candidate needs to win) it would hardly be possible, the polls point out: “If we win Florida, we have everything,” he insisted.

Two hours before the spectacular arrival of the president, the powerful pick-up trucks climbed the steps of the sidewalks to park on the gardens, an hour of traffic to attend an event 100 times seen already in these days of campaign in other parts of the country and the positions with the merchandising of Trump filled the corners as if what was going to be seen tonight was a baseball game. Hordes of hooligans chanted his name from the entrances to the private Miami-Opa Locka airport. At the last rally of the day of a tireless Trump, two days before the presidential elections, it seemed more like a campaign start.

In Florida, Trump is comfortable. The place where he has his residence, in the Mar a Lago complex and where he comes to play golf, where he has organized Miss Universe events before even contemplating himself as president. And although the polls do not take for granted a clear victory for any candidate and everything indicates that the electoral night will be long for this southern state of the country, the Republican’s followers have been euphoric in the streets these days, causing scenes of polarization unprecedented politics in the history of this city.

On Sunday morning, some fifty Cuban and Venezuelan ships sailed through Biscayne Bay making electoral propaganda for the thousands of residents who inhabit the skyscrapers. At the same time, dozens of others roamed the main streets in their cars: horns and loud music against socialism. The great ghost that the Republican has fed in each of the campaign rallies in this entity with almost 20% of the Latino electorate, mostly Cuban and Puerto Rican exiles.

In Florida Trump the elections are played. And the rally late Sunday night has confirmed this. Pushing the votes as much as possible, even at dawn, in the city of the party. That he recalled this Sunday how a massive event could be for an hour and a half, as if the pandemic did not exist.

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