Eirik Bakke slipped after Raufoss celebrated with Sogndal song: – Hope they go to hell

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(Raufoss – Sogndal 2–1) Promising Sogndal went on a rampage at Nammo Stadium, where the home team celebrated by playing the club song “Stao no pao” in the locker room after the match.

This made Eirik Bakke react strongly.

– They show no respect when they play “Stao no pao” in the locker room after the match. Low goals, he writes in an SMS to

, which is based on a video of a harsh exchange of words between Raufoss coach Christian Johnsen and Sogndal coach Eirik Bakke.

The guests’ coach was not happy on the way home from Vestre Toten.

– Your assistant is screaming “fuck off” to me. Had I done that to him … It’s about having respect, thundered Eirik Bakke, who after receiving an answer from the Raufoss camp, followed up by saying:

– I hope they go to hell.

Eirik Bakke tells VG that he does not want to comment on the matter any further.

– Have told me about that matter. Lost 2–1. Bad day at work for both us and the judge. Next match, Bakke writes in a text message.

See the goals from the match here:

– We heard “Stao no pao” from Raufoss’ wardrobe. Then it slams a little, says Sogndal captain Sivert Mannsverk to Sogn Avis.

Raufoss captain Ole Kristian Lauvli confirms that the song was played in the locker room.

– I understand that it can be perceived as provocative. We’ve had a little thing with that. When we moved up in 2018, we listened to the Fredrikstad song. Last year we drove the “Stao no pao” song on the bus, so we could probably wait a few minutes this time as well, Lauvli says to VG.


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