Eight dead and more than a hundred injured in an attack on a religious school

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The balance of victims of the attempt with bomb executed inside a religious school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, located in the north of the country, has risen to eight dead and 110 wounded, as confirmed by the authorities.

Lady Reading Hospital spokesman Mohamad Asim has indicated that four of the deceased are students between the ages of 20 and 25, while the rest are minors. The explosion took place in the Yamia Zuberia madrasa, located in the Dir neighborhood of the city.

A man entered the room at 8:00 a.m. with a bag full of explosives, as explained by the authorities after reviewing the surveillance cameras, reaching everyone in the hall. The superintendent of Police Mansur Aman | has detailed that “five kilograms of explosives were used” to manufacture the device.

The Minister of Health of the province of Jíber Pajtunjua, Taimur Salim Jaghra, has visited the place of the attack, whose responsibility has not been claimed for the moment, and has stressed that the main objective is to treat the wounded, as has been reported by the Pakistani newspaper ‘Dawn’.

For his part, the president of the country, Arif Alvi, has said that the attack is “shocking and a cause of sadness for all”. “The heinous terrorist criminals must be found and brought to justice for exemplary punishment,” he said through his account on the social network Twitter.

Terrorist attack

The first Minister, Imran Jan, has also been “very sad” for this “terrorist attack“I want to assure my nation that we will ensure that those responsible for this cowardly and barbaric attack are brought to justice as soon as possible.”

For its part, the United Nations office in Pakistan has shown its support for Pakistan after the “atrocious attack” on a madrasa “where children were receiving classes.” “We are horrified by this attack on children when they were in a place of worship and learning,” he stressed.

The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has joined the convictions and the representative of the agency in Pakistan, Aida Girma, has emphasized that “education is a fundamental right of all boys and girls, everywhere.”

“Schools should never be a target. They should remain, at all times, safe learning environments to protect the healthy growth and development of children, adolescents and young people,” he added.



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