Eifel Grand Prix: Round Numbers

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What came true at the Russian Grand Prix


250 Sebastian Vettel Grand Prix

150 Hamilton Grand Prix with Mercedes

90 the race in which Kevin Magnussen finished

70 pole Hamilton with Mercedes

40 the race in which Charles Leclair finished

30 Grand Prix, led by Valtteri Bottas

10 Grand Prix at Nicholas Latifa


10 Grand Prix at AlphaTauri


50 Grand Prix for riders from Thailand

What can come true at the Eifel Grand Prix


50000 kilometers in races with Daniel Riccardo, if you complete 31 laps

30000 kilometers in races with Kevin Magnussen, if he drives one lap

400 a point for Roman Grosjean if he finishes fourth

300 Daniel Ricciardo’s lead lap if leading eight laps

200 Daniil Kvyat has a point if he finishes second

91 Hamilton’s victory – a repetition of the absolute record of Michael Schumacher

70 Hamilton’s victory with Mercedes

60 Grand Prix at Esteban Okon

50 a point for Sebastian Vettel at the Nurburgring if he earns five points

40 Hamilton’s best lap with Mercedes

30 podium at Daniel Riccardo

30 the race in which Alex Albon finished

20 the race in which Lando Norris earned points

10 double (win and fastest lap) with Kimi Raikkonen

10 victory over Max Verstappen

10 victory in Valtteri Bottas

10 race in a row, led by Lewis Hamilton

10 race where Nicholas Latifi finished


250 Grand Prix in which Red Bull Racing earned points

200 Haas F1 point if riders score two points

200 a point at the Racing Point if the riders earn 23 points

60 a point for AlphaTauri if the riders earn one point

10 The Grand Prix in which AlphaTauri earned points


90 hat-trick (pole, best lap and win) for Ferrari engines

80 pole at Honda motors

10 triple podium at Ferrari engines


200 start from the first row of the French

80 pole for the French

80 the best circle for the French

50 Grand Prix for riders from Thailand

10 Dutch victory



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