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Eifel Grand Prix: Curious Statistics


Several interesting statistical selections following the results of the Eifel Grand Prix …


Having won qualification at the Nurburgring, Valtteri Bottas took the third pole of the season and 14th in his career. According to this indicator, the Finn caught up with Alberto Askari, James Hunt, Ronnie Peterson and Rubens Barrichello.

Lewis Hamilton qualified for the second – eighth time this year and the 72nd in history Mercedes drivers took the entire first row of the starting field. This is the 400th start from the first row for cars with a Mercedes engine.

Charles Leclair qualified fourth, repeating his best result this season.

Daniel Ricciardo qualified sixth in the same position that qualifying at the Nürburgring in 2013 brought him with Toro Rosso.

Sergio Perez’s ninth place is his worst result of the season when considering the results on a dry track.

Only two teams after eleven stages have a crushing score. Max Verstappen is 11-0 ahead of Alex Albon in Red Bull Racing and George Russell dominates Nicholas Latifi in Williams.


Having won the Eifel Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton won his 91st career victory, repeating Michael Schumacher’s record for the number of career victories. It took Lewis 260 starts for this, Michael Schumacher – 246.

The Eifel Grand Prix is ​​the 26th stage with a unique name, which was won by Hamilton – he is the leader in the ranking by this indicator. The victory at the Nurburgring is 70th for Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes.

At the Nurburgring, Lewis Hamilton led the tenth consecutive race. Here, the record is still far away – the best series also belongs to Hamilton, who led 18 races in a row from Hungary’14 to Great Britain’15.

For the fifth time in the last six Grand Prix at the Nurburgring, the driver who started second has won. During this time, the pole winner won only one victory (Mark Webber in 2009).

Hamilton’s win is Mercedes’ first at the Nurburgring since 1954, when Juan Manuel Fangio won the race.

Max Verstappen finished second in his second straight race and fifth this year. For Max, this is the most frequent finish position this season. Red Bull Racing earned points in its 250th race in history.

Daniel Ricciardo finished third, making his first podium climb this season – the Aussie’s 30th career podium, Renault’s 101st podium – and the first since Malaysia’11 when Nick Heidfeld finished third.

Daniel Riccardo crossed the 50,000 km mark in the Grand Prix in his career. The longest distance covered by Kimi Raikkonen is 85,551 km in races.

Taking into account the Renault podium this year, representatives of seven teams finished in the top three – for the first time since 2012.

Sergio Perez finished fourth in the second race in a row, allowing Racing Point to overtake McLaren for third place in the constructors’ championship.

Sergio earned points in his 15th straight race, which he started, repeating the most successful streak of his career from Germany’16 to Spain’17.

Pierre Gasly finished sixth, the tenth Grand Prix in which AlphaTauri scored points.

Starting last, Niko Hulkenberg finished eighth, earning points in the second race of the two in which he started this season – and this was enough to take 15th place in the individual competition, although the other riders have already held 11 Grand Prix.

Finishing ninth, Roman Grosjean interrupted a long streak of twenty races without points in a row, which continued from Germany’19.



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