Eggen’s advice before the Milan match: – Must be Bodø / Glimt to those degrees

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BODØ (VG) Coach Kjetil Knutsen neither thinks about nor talks about Milan before Sunday’s match against Brann is over. But already now he gets the advice from Nils Arne Eggen (79).

And Knutsen’s stated

about being himself as much as possible, even at the mighty San Siro, could have been an echo of what the RBK chief himself repeated and repeated when Rosenborg broke the Champions League boundaries from the mid-1990s.

No match in this period is more famous than the 2-1 triumph over Milan at the San Siro in December 1996. Vegard Heggem soared over the defense of the European giant and headed Rosenborg to a historic quarter-final in Europe’s most prestigious club tournament, while Milan, finalist in Champions League a year and a half in advance, smoked out in a sensational way.

And now Bodø / Glimt can create a new Norwegian sensation in round three of four in the Europa League qualifiers. Same opponent, same arena – and about the same balance of power?

– Milan was perhaps even better then than now. But I have faith in Bodø / Glimt. And I have faith in Norwegian football, says Eggen – who won at the San Siro 24 years ago with nine from Trøndelag from the start and one northerner as a substitute (Mini).

Bodø / Glimt in 2020 is a bit more international, but the advice from Eggen is as he himself thought almost a quarter of a century ago.

– We have talked together before, Kjetil and I. You have to go out there and give them trouble. You have to be Bodø / Glimt to the degree, you have to be Bodø / Glimt at its best. That you dare to start the movements in advance of the next situation. They are good at it, Eggen describes the day after his 79th birthday.

He could celebrate it with Rosenborg victory against Ventspils from Latvia and Bodø / Glimt triumph against FK Zalgiris from Lithuania. Eggen emphasizes that he also enjoyed Molde’s penalty kick triumph in the Champions League qualification the day before.

But now it’s about Milan at the San Siro on Thursday.

– The start of the matches can be a bit of both, also for Glimt. But throughout the matches, the playing pattern emerges more and more. Then come the chances and hence the goals, says Eggen.

– Italian teams have been a bit underestimated in recent years. They have not won much, but maintain a very stable level. Like Juventus. Milan has been a bit more variable, but you have Atalanta, who play excellent football, Eggen points out about last season’s Champions League charmer.

Knutsen also referred to Atalanta when he described the Milan match on Thursday night after having FK Zalgiris on a medium Glimt day.


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