Hilkka Ahde, 63, lost his spouse, Minister, President Matti Ahteen for pancreatic cancer last year.

He says fresh In Eve magazine having had time to mourn and live a period of apostasy for as long as three years when Mati was ill, but still the sadness has not evaporated anywhere.

– I have a feeling that something is missing, that this is only temporary. I miss being by day and night, asleep and awake, Hilkka says.

At the time of Mati’s departure, Hilkka was in his armpit, hand in hand.

In the interview with Eve, she says that she lived in a close relationship with Mati, but both of them also had their own lives.

– Whatever happened in the world, we knew the other would stay alongside.

Even Hilkka tells Mati every day in her mind. He also sees dreams of his late spouse. In them, Matilla always wears a Marimekko striped outfit.

Hilkka says that Matin reminded others in his 50th birthday that a happy man would be carried to the grave after his death.

– Mati and I had time to talk about everything. The fact that we talked alleviates sadness but not sadness.

Now Hilkka is living a new phase of life, in that she works as a caregiver for her mother, who moved from Valkeakoski to her. The responsibility of the caregiver with Hilka is shared by Ahthte pit, Tiina.