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Edwin Cardona’s paradox in Boca: the last to win positions to play in the Copa Libertadores


The Colombian will train from Monday with the squad and as he had done preseason in Tijuana, his physique is much better than those who were in Argentina.

Can the last to arrive in Boca be the first to play? Colombian Edwin Cardona will fulfill this Sunday the mandatory isolation imposed by the National Government for those who come to this territory from abroad. Starting Monday, he will train with the squad at the hotel as part of the team, at the Ezeiza complex or with the Reserve, as happened with Gonzalo Maroni. Will he take the field against Libertad for the Copa Libertadores?

Cardona did a preseason in Mexico with Xolos from Tijuana, but he was set aside because he was not going to be taken into account by coach Pablo Guede, so he has the physical base. So at least he showed it from his social networks before arriving in Argentina.

After a talk with Miguel Ángel Russo, he will start his second cycle at the club with the chance to even have minutes in the Libertadores restart, on September 17, after a scenario of uncertainty due to the large number of people infected with coronavirus in the campus.

Although it is true that all the players on the team will arrive with a medical discharge, something that was compared with Conmebol in the health notification that Boca should have done, the training status of these players may vary.

According to what was discussed with the Ministry of Health of the Nation, the players who gave negative to the tests can train at the Ezeiza hotel where the team practices. An authorization is sought so that they can move in the club complex, with the expected isolation before starting the “bubble”.

Between next Tuesday and Friday, the players who tested positive and who were asymptomatic will go back to training and thus complete about a week of practice prior to the date that Conmebol set to start. Just as anticipated Clarion, the club did not initiate efforts to modify the game in Paraguay.

Can Cardona get into the team fast? The unfinished situation before the Justice of Sebastián Villa opens a gap for him. But also does Russo’s idea of ​​having a fast team to attack, but also with a little more play and possession of the ball once the advantage is achieved. That’s where the Colombian enters the scene. But also Maroni, although they observe him more expensive and explosive.

At the head of DT, the youth Agustin Obando take strenght. Because you already know the idea of ​​the coach, because he is left-handed and can adapt to a more offensive or defensive facet and also because he was already part of the first match of the Cup, in which Boca raised an idea of ​​a game of speculation. If before the infections the match against Libertad in Asunción was more than lost, now the scenario has changed to “probable”.

The 11 goals in 46 games that Cardona scored in his first time at the club raise expectations. But also caution: his last 18 months between Pachuca and Xolos had ups and downs in his game.

It went from highest to lowest and now the possibility of having a chance at Boca motivates him, but in the coaching staff they believe they have to find their best version. As happened with Frank Fabra, Jorman Campuzano and Villa. Will it be time to bet on Cardona now?



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